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A+A 2019, International Trade Fair from Nov 5-8th


A+A 2019, International Trade Fair from Nov 5-8th

International trade fairs are an exhibition held to promote business exchanges between China and abroad. The exhibition was held in Shanghai and invited Palestinian political figures, business, and industry, as well as exhibitors and professional buyers to participate in the fair to expand the Chinese market. The holding of the exhibition has enhanced the trade exchange between China and foreign countries to a certain extent.

Themes of A+A2019

Safety at work, presenting personal protective equipment(PPE), safety equipment and facilities for the workplace, services and consultancies, etc.

Security at work, displaying solutions for fire protection, safety products systems, protection against radiation, noise reduction and vibration protection, safety devices for machinery, quality assurance, etc.

Health at work, showcasing equipment for first aid and emergency relief, occupational health equipment, hygiene, and sanitary supplies, etc.

Forums and presentations on key topics for the industry, industry researchers and practitioners.

Range of exhibition

1. Labor insurance categories: personal safety equipment (protective clothing, tooling shoes, and overalls, etc.). Safety equipment and workplace facilities and equipment, safety organizations, trade media, publisher equipment, service consulting, etc.

2. Health: medical equipment, practice facilities, inspection room equipment, hearing/vision testing equipment, vaccination equipment, first aid equipment, preventive treatment equipment, hygiene products (disinfectants, disinfection equipment, electric cleaning machinery, and equipment, etc.). Workstation equipment (Secure conveyors, hardware and software equipment for noise protection, fire protection equipment, safety equipment for radioactive materials, electric shock protection equipment), and healthy eating equipment.

3. Safety categories: fire/safety products and systems, radiation protection configuration, electrical safety equipment, air pollution control equipment, noise reduction/muffler/vibration protection, environmental protection work configuration, measurement and control technology, safety system (emergency shutdown equipment, Emergency exit protection devices, safety lighting, safety guidance systems). Safety locks, safety equipment machinery, transportation, and vehicle safety equipment, quality assurance, equipment, and accessories.

4. Emergency management: emergency medical equipment, first aid technology, protective equipment, purification equipment, communication, and information equipment.