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Advantage of cotton knitted hand gloves


Cotton knitted hand gloves are a kind of cotton gloves. The main material of the gloves is cotton. The glove is not only soft in texture, but also comfortable and breathable, so it is now used in many industries. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will introduce the gloves in detail.

Advantage of cotton knitted hand gloves

1. Cotton knitted gloves have good thermal insulation and wear resistance. The advantages and characteristics of gloves depending on the material. The material of cotton knitted gloves is cotton, so it determines that the gloves have a good function of moisture retention and ventilation.

2. The comfort and ease of wearing cotton knitted gloves depend on the quality of the gloves. The good processed materials can ensure the good life of the gloves and provide protection for our hands when they are worn.

3.7G Bleach white cotton knitted gloves hand glove is a kind of protective gloves, woven with cotton fibers. This kind of material is excellent in fabric, wear-resistant and comfortable to wear. It is not allergic to direct contact with the skin, and the production technology is excellent. And it is more ergonomic to use, fits the size of the user's palm, is comfortable and durable. Hem-up cuffs are suitable for tightness without slipping or unthreading, good air permeability, comfortable and soft, fit to the hand, not slipping. Professionally made for professional workers, and widely used in most working environments.

Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd specializes in the production of cotton gloves. Our gloves are CE certified gloves to ensure the performance and quality of gloves. In addition to cotton gloves, we also produce gloves for various uses such as cutting gloves, nitrile gloves, chemical gloves, etc. Welcome everyone to come to buy.