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Advantages and disadvantages of PU Coated Safety Gloves


White PU Coated Safety Glove mostly uses PU coating technology, which is the best-selling one in gloves. PU coating is a polyurethane coating. It is a newly developed processing technology during textile finishing. It is a uniform coating of a polymer that can form a continuous film on the surface of the fabric. But using gloves made of this material has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this glove.

Advantages of PU coated safety gloves

1. This type of gloves is made of polyurethane and has good windproof performance. Some coated fabrics can also play a waterproof role.
2. It feels comfortable and plump and feels silky to the touch.
3. With unique colors and the gloss also has a shiny effect.
4. Wide range of applications, applicable to clean room, general assembly, semiconductor, micro-mechanical tasks, an inspection of precision parts, articles, fine and precise operations, packaging, light industry, electronics, gardening, general processing, and other industries.

The disadvantage of PU coated safety gloves

1. The material fabric of 13G white PU coated safety gloves is made into clothing. When wearing it in summer, it will make people feel that the fabric has to be melted away from the sun. And the fabric does not absorb sweat and is not suitable for summer use.

2. It does not have the effect of protecting against cold and does not have a good effect of keeping warm, it is not suitable to wear in winter.

3. Not resistant to high temperature and dirt.
The coated fabric is a fabric processed by a special process. It can make a uniform covering rubber on the surface of the fabric, so as to achieve waterproof, windproof and other functions.

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