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Canvas Dots Cotton Gloves


Injuries to the hands are second only to back injuries in work-related accidents. Some types of gloves should be worn by almost all industrial workers. When the user is engaged in some sharp objects or is affected by extreme temperature, in order to protect the user's hand safety, corresponding gloves should be worn. Cotton canvas gloves can protect the wearer's hands in many workplaces. Standard weight cotton canvas gloves produced by our manufacturers provide PVC dots on the palm to provide better grip to protect user's hand safety.

There are several types of canvas gloves, canvas gloves without dots, canvas gloves with knit wrist, double-layer canvas gloves, single layer canvas gloves.

Today we recommend one type of canvas gloves with PVC dots. Its material is polycotton canvas or 100% cotton canvas gloves. It could be a double layer or a single layer. The most important is the PVC dots. We use high-quality PVC dots material which is imported from Germany. Its abrasion performance is 3-4 times than common PVC dots. It provides a higher grip on wet or dry conditions. These gloves had been exported to Indonesia, UAE, USA and Other European countries.

For better visibility in the working conditions, the PVC dots could be red, black, orange and so on. No matter what color PVC dots are, the quality is still the same.

Canvas gloves have featured great sweat absorption, easy wear on and take off, great grip in the wet and dry working environment,  which widely used in construction, farming, assembly, warehousing, oil and gas industries and so son.