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Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves

Product name:
Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves
Brief description:
Work gloves tend to be less effective than other control measures but if avoiding contact is impracticable or is insufficient to protect employees, then safety work gloves may be needed. When selecting work gloves, the choice should be based on the work, the wearer and the environment the workers work in. These 7G Bleach white cotton knitted gloves hand glove are old traditional types of gloves. But it’s still widely used today due to its cheap price and comfort and durability features.The wide range of Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves is made on 7, 10 gauge automatic computerized machines. The knitting of these machines is so done that increases the dexterity allowing air circulation and breathing of hands. Being seamless they can be worn in both hands, right and left. These gloves are all CE certification high quality cotton knitted hand gloves.

Feature of cotton knitted hand gloves

1. Work hand gloves are personal protective equipment worn during work projects that cover and protect the hands from the wrist to the fingers. Work hand gloves are meant to protect the users’ hands and fingers from unnecessary hazards such as punctures, cuts, abrasion, splinters or heat and chemical burns.
2. This type of work gloves is cotton string knitted, providing soft, comfort, breath-ability features to the users.
3. This type of cotton gloves provides an economical alternative to standard weight canvas and jersey gloves.
4. 100% cotton 7 gauge cotton gloves cotton knitted hand gloves, lightweight yarn offers exceptional comfort, easy to wear.
5. The gloves have an over-edged elastic knit wrist to keep debris and dirt into the gloves.
6. Eco-friendly, the knitted cotton yarn feels very soft and provides better grip, breathable, outstanding tactile sense, excellent sweat, and moisture absorbency, etc. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd wholesale 50g cotton knitted hand gloves.

Specifications of cotton knitted hand gloves

Material: cotton
Color: bleach white
Gauge: 10
Weight: 45g/pair
Weight range: 35-75g/pair
Logo printing: silk screen printing, washing labels or heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/polybag, 600 pairs/woven bag or customized
Capacity: 100,000-150,000 pairs/20GP according to different weight
Wholesale 50g cotton knitted hand gloves: Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd
CE certification high quality cotton knitted hand gloves
About 210,000-320,000 pairs/40HQ according to different weight
Compressed packing can be loaded more gloves

Application of cotton knitted hand gloves

If you work in shipping and receiving industry or packaging or warehouse works, you may need to handle the materials like bags, boxes, machines like something. It is a must that you should wear a pair of gloves that you are part of the package and material handling industry.

7G Bleach white cotton knitted gloves hand glove are widely used in various general duty work industries such as construction, carrying works, refuse collection, packing, engineering, agriculture, automotive, warehouse, manufacturing, electronics, mechanical maintenance, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are cotton gloves made?
Textile mills process raw cotton into yarn or fabric. Cotton work gloves can be made from either option. If the cotton work gloves are made from yarn, we refer to it as a “knitted cotton gloves”. if the work gloves are made from fabric, we refer to it as a “cut-and-sewn cotton glove”.

100% cotton 7 gauge cotton gloves cotton knitted hand gloves
From cotton to nylon to polyester, string knitted gloves are typically separated and sold by referring to a gauge. Gloves and glove gauges go hand-in-hand and many realize it refers to the thickness but it typically stops there. Let us try to explain this in more details for you so you can choose the proper gloves for your jobs.

It uses to be that string knitted industrial working gloves were often referred to as a light-duty, moderate-duty or heavy-duty gloves. Today the use of gauges helps better classify a glove.

The gauge of a glove indicates the number of knitting needles or stitches per square inch. For example, 10 gauge glove has ten stitches knitted per inch of the glove. The higher the number - 13 gauge, 15 gauge, 18 gauge - the more stitches that are knitted per inch. As the number of stitches per inch increase, the glove’s gauge increases. But as the volume of yarn increases, the thickness of yarn will decrease. So an 18 gauge glove will be much thinner and conform more to the curve of the hand than a 7 gauge glove.

The string knitted glove’s gauge has its benefits and drawbacks, but a general rule is the larger the yarn:
1. The greater the density
2. The better the protection
3. The better the influence on dexterity


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