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Cotton Knitted Safety Gloves Production Processes


Cotton gloves are widely used in various industries, wholesale facilities, buildings, construction, manufacturing, car repairs, etc. The market for cotton gloves is huge and prosperous.

Everyone may know the cotton gloves, but as for the processes for it, not everyone knows it. The following is the production processes for cotton gloves.

The Necessary Equipment

The first step is to have a plan to build the workshop, then the necessary factor is the acquisition of special glove machines. The first automated machine for knitted gloves is produced by a company Shima Seiki in Japan. And now many Chinese factories can produce economical and qualified knitting machines.

The cost of the Chinese made knitting machine is highly dependent on the manufacturer and the capabilities of the machine itself, the cost of the Chinese made knitting machine is much cheaper than the Japanese made. The maximum rate of production of gloves is approximately 120 pairs/8 hours. This parameter strongly depends on the thickness yarn and the quality of the needles that glove to break down at high speeds.


Raw materials: Cotton Yarn

There are several kinds of yarns to produce cotton gloves.

1. Cotton yarn: which is made of pure cotton or blends in which cotton mixed with synthetic filaments for increased strength.
2. Pure wool yarn and wool blend yarn
3. Acrylic yarn
4. Polyester yarn
5. Nylon yarn
6. Other different types of artificial fibers

In order to achieve the desired density and size of gloves in glove, the manufacture is selected yarns of different thicknesses.

Workers in the knitting machine line

Generally speaking, there are 1-2 workers per line operator and one adjuster in the workshop. It can save production costs.

Further processing of cotton gloves

If you want to have a greater grip in wet and dry conditions, it can be made PVC dots on the cotton gloves. Cotton gloves can be further processed into as latex coated cotton gloves, PVC dots cotton gloves and so on.