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Description of HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves


Accidental hand injuries at work account for 1/4 of all work-related injuries and cut injuries account for a significant portion of accidental injuries to hands. The materials and processing methods of conventional gloves can solve simple problems such as wear resistance, warmth, and non-slip. The response to cutting injuries seems powerless. Even if protective gloves such as cowhide and pigskin can prevent theft and cut to a certain extent. They are bulky and difficult to adapt to slightly delicate labor operations.

Description of HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves

The emergence of ultra-high molecular weight HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves has basically solved the problem that labor protection gloves must not only be cut-resistant but also lightweight. HPPE knitted fiber is the strongest fiber in the world. Its periphery is covered with glass fiber or PU. It can be processed into yarns used for ordinary glove functions and processed into finished or semi-finished gloves.

In order to solve the special requirements of gloves such as anti-slip, anti-static, etc., we will immerse the coating of anti-cut gloves like ordinary dipped gloves. The coating can increase the abrasion resistance of the gloves, and at the same time, can solve the problem of chipping of the chemical fibers of the gloves and the problem of non-slip. The ultra-thin PU polyurethane dip-coating hardly affects the flexibility of the gloves and can fully use in fine operating environments.

HPPE knitted PU coating is another synthetic fiber that provides a high level of protection. Despite being thin and light, it is 15 times stronger than steel. Gloves made with HPPE knitted fibers have such small and thin fibers that they do not irritate the skin, making it possible to wear them longer without side effects. In addition, HPPE knitted fibers can dissipate body temperature and cool the wearer's hands, which is a great benefit for those who must work outdoors in summer or in high temperature working environments. The production and use of HPPE knitted fibers represent a step-change in cut-resistant fibers. It is stronger, lighter and thinner than aramid material, and is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight basis. Gloves made from HPPE knitted fibers provide enhanced cut protection, are cool to the touch, last longer, and are resistant to chemicals and UV rays.

The 13G HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves produced by our company meets EU level 5 anti-cutting requirements because polyethylene fibers have super abrasion resistance. Even level 3 anti-cut gloves can easily achieve abrasion resistance level 8000. Above the rotation, the conventional yarn gloves wear 300 revolutions, and the ordinary nitrile gloves 2000 revolutions-3000 revolutions. Further technical improvements paved the way for HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., retains the same performance as other cut resistant gloves, but improves the cut resistance of the yarn at the same glove thickness Doubles, or provides the same cut resistance in thinner cut-resistant gloves, increasing flexibility and comfort.

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