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How do insulated gloves keep users’ hands safe?


For some electrical users, class 1 latex dielectric safety gloves should already be familiar to them. Although everyone knows that electricians must wear insulating gloves at work, some people still wonder "Is insulating gloves really useful?" The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will give you a brief introduction to how insulated gloves protect users' hands.

Is it useful to wear insulated gloves? The answer is yes. Insulated gloves are useful, and they work very differently in high and low voltage environments. Insulated gloves can be used to operate high-voltage disconnect switches, high-voltage drop-out fuses, circuit breakers, etc. when operating on high-voltage electrical equipment. When working on low-voltage live equipment, it may be used as a basic safety appliance, even if insulated gloves can be used to carry out live work directly on low-voltage equipment.

How do insulated gloves keep users' hands safe?

Class 1 latex dielectric safety gloves can insulate both hands from charged objects and is a safety appliance to prevent electric shock caused by workers touching differently charged objects at the same time. For example, when using insulating rods, wearing insulating gloves can improve insulation to prevent the human body from leakage current.

Of course, because the materials of different types of insulating gloves have different characteristics, they have special uses according to the types of objects in contact with the gloves. Soft and durable class 1 latex dielectric safety gloves are an important part of insulation protection in personal protective equipment. With the development of the power industry and the popularization of live working technology, the use of insulation gloves for live working has put forward stricter requirements.

So for the question of whether insulating gloves are useful, everyone now knows that insulating gloves are definitely useful. However, it is necessary to master the correct use of insulated gloves and to perform a series of inspections on the appearance of the gloves before using them every time. This is also a consideration for everyone's own safety.