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How to choose chemical resistant PVC gloves?


Appropriate chemical-resistant gloves can form an effective barrier between the hands and the chemicals being handled, effectively protecting the hands of users engaged in the chemical industry. However, you must careful when choosing chemical resistance PVC gloves. Especially when it is a highly toxic chemical that is easily absorbed through the skin and enters the blood circulation system. If used improperly, workers' hands are directly exposed to the toxic and harmful environment, which is more harmful than without gloves. Next wholesale high-quality soft blue chemical-resistant PVC gloves manufacturer Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt, will share with you a few methods to choose the right chemical protective gloves.

Methods of choosing the chemical protective gloves

1. No glove of one material can protect all chemicals. Different glove materials can react with different chemicals. Therefore, it is important to choose a glove material that matches the chemicals in the working environment. The natural rubber has a good protective effect against dilute aqueous solutions, but it is easily penetrated by oil, grease, and many organic solvents. High-performance OEM blue chemical resistance PVC gloves can be used to protect oils and lipids, but no aromatics or halogen-containing solvents.

2. No glove material is completely resistant to chemical corrosion, and some chemical-resistant gloves are only temporarily resistant to chemical attack. As time goes on, it will always be penetrated. Even the best chemical-resistant gloves will be penetrated after prolonged contact with chemicals. Be careful to replace them or bring disposable gloves inside.

3. The protective function of gloves varies with different products and manufacturers. Even the same glove material, different manufacturers, and different product types have very different protective functions. The level of protection can only depend on the specific protective gloves, including their chemical composition, thickness, design and construction methods. It is important to compare products from different manufacturers.

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