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How To Choose The Right Cut Resistant Gloves


When customers come to consult about some of the performance of gloves, we will find that the most discussed by the customer is the greatest resistance to the arms and hands. Because of the different industries, the types of gloves they need are different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate gloves according to their actual situation. For example, some workers in the mechanical industry are more concerned about some performances of cut-resistant gloves. The cut resistance of the cut-resistant gloves is very large. The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd gives you a summary.

Tips for buying cut-resistant gloves

1. Gloves are made cut-resistant through synthetic fibers like aramid or HPPE. These fibers are wrapped around thin strands of steel or fiberglass.

2. We all know that glove manufacturers want their gloves to have more cut resistance when producing gloves, and the more fibers they need to bond. This will increase the cut resistance of the gloves and will also improve the quality of their gloves.

3. Pick the appropriate cut-resistant gloves for your own use. Focus on the cutting resistance of gloves. For example, some very cut-resistant gloves are designed for very specific production tasks, such as replacing slitting blades or processing steel cables in a paper mill.

4. Some manufacturers will produce some poor-performance anti-cutting gloves for the benefit and use this low-grade gloves to pretend to be good gloves. We must pay attention when purchasing, do not want to be cheap. Of course, if you don't take these risks, gloves with lower cut resistance will provide you with good protection and money.

Don't mistake your gloves for being cut proof

Your gloves are not cut proof. Your worker's gloves are not cut proof. Do not treat your gloves like it is cut proof. There are no gloves that will protect you from a band saw, table saw, or any other electric motor is driven cutting tools. There's no further explanation for this, don't let your gloves give you a false sense of security.