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How to distinguish the quality of nitrile gloves?


Nitrile work safety gloves are protective gloves made of nitrile rubber. They are mainly used in a variety of dust-free and clean working environments. Double dipped sandy nitrile HPPE liner cut resistant safety gloves can also be used in some cutting industries. Different gloves are used in different industries, so we must pay attention when buying. Different nitrile gloves with different quality or protective effects are suitable for different use environments and should be selected according to specific conditions. But first, you must judge the quality of nitrile gloves, and then choose the right gloves.

Product grade of nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are classified according to the product, and are divided into A, B, and C grades:

Grade A: No holes on the surface of the gloves, uniform powder, no obvious powder, color are milky white, no obvious ink spots, no impurities. And the size and physical properties of each part meet customer requirements.

Grade B: Slight stains, 3 small black spots (1mm ≤ diameter ≤ 2mm), or a large number of small black spots (diameter ≤ 1mm), deformation, impurities (diameter ≤ 1mm), yellowish color, severe nail marks, cracks, the size and physical properties of each part do not meet customer requirements.

Class C gloves: Scraps, holes, severe oil stains, severe yellowing, impurities (diameter> 1mm), no curling or burring, picking, scratching, tearing, cracking, sticking, remaining material.

According to the degree of cleanliness, can divide it into ten, hundred and thousand. In general clean rooms, hundreds of classes are used in purification workshops. Pharmaceutical companies, electronics industries, etc. are generally used in hundreds and thousands. And medical sandy nitrile finish work safety gloves must reach a thousand grades. All nitrile gloves must strictly be sterilized.

If your job requires protection from a lot of oil, you can also choose Oil resistant double dipped sandy nitrile coated work gloves, which can help your hands not be attacked by oil.

When we buy, pay attention to the packaging of nitrile gloves. Generally, the above items will be marked on it. If you find it troublesome, you can also choose based on factors such as price and brand. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt As a professional glove supplier, product quality, reputation, and price are guaranteed, which is worth your choice. Users in need are welcome to come and choose.