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How to inspect the electrical insulated gloves?


Rubber insulated gloves are an important protective device for wearers engaged in the electrical industry. In order to use the gloves effectively and safely, a glove safety test must be performed before using the gloves. Here are some test methods for everyone.

In order to keep the electrically insulated gloves for a longer lifetime, it's better to wear goat gloves first, then wear the electrically insulated gloves. The goat gloves are soft, it can absorb the sweat or any water from your hand, and keep the electrical insulated clean and dry. Electrically insulated gloves can provide safety protection to the wearer according to the voltage that the user is exposed to, and are classified according to protection level.

Method of inspecting the electrically insulated gloves

Air Inflation Test

After putting on gloves, first, perform a safety test on the gloves to see if this type of gloves can safely protect the user's hands. Testing is done to keep the protective equipment in a safe and reliable condition. This requires that every glove be inspected for damage every day before use. Gloves must be inspected as soon as any incidents that could cause damage are discovered. Protecting the wearer's safety is the first priority.

Electrical test
When the wearer uses insulated gloves, in order to ensure the safety of the wearer, the electrical protective equipment should be subjected to regular electrical tests. Therefore, when you use electrical insulating gloves, make sure to perform an electrical test every 6 months to ensure that the gloves can be used normally and safely. Gloves that have not undergone electrical testing must not be put into service unless they have previously undergone electrical testing for the first 12 months.

Daily Visual Inspection

In order to maintain the highest level of insulating protection and ensure a long life, it's essential that gloves are properly cared for and stored.

Safety is always the first thing we are concerned with. Pls make sure the electrically insulated gloves are well stored and well appearance before using it.