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How to use oil resistant PVC work gloves properly?


Oil resistant PVC work gloves are also commonly known as blue oil-resistant gloves on the market, which are blue matte dipped plastic gloves. Used for greasy or mildly corrosive substances, suitable for working types with high tactile requirements. They are made of a patented material that is resistant to acids, vegetable oils, and animal oils. The surface is abrasion-resistant, and there are no allergens inside. The gloves are soft, and the highly hand-shaped design makes it very comfortable to wear. Movement flexibility, improved grip performance, comfort, and hygiene, is a glove that requires tactile sensitivity and comfort. So in order to better use this kind of gloves, we must first have a certain understanding of them. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt, a manufacturer of wholesale abrasion resistance oil resistant PVC work gloves, will tell you how to use oil-resistant gloves correctly.

Points for proper use of oil resistant PVC work gloves

First, we must thoroughly inspect it before use. Observe whether the appearance of the gloves is chipped or damaged. General oil-resistant gloves are 27 / 45cm oil resistant PVC work gloves, to see if they meet the specifications. Non-standard gloves directly affect whether the gloves can be used. Once damaged, should replace it in time. Do not use it reluctantly, the harm to the body of chemicals may not be as bad as you think.

Second, oil-resistant PVC work gloves must be used in strict accordance with the Instruction Manual. The instruction manual will teach you how to wear gloves properly without letting chemicals hurt your hands. Many people have the habit of throwing away the manual as soon as they get the product, but be aware that this is extremely irresponsible behavior. When you encounter a dangerous situation and you do not know it is a danger, your hands may pay a painful price for it.

Third, use it within the performance range of the oil-resistant gloves themselves. As a product in the special protection series, oil-resistant gloves were originally used in petroleum and petrochemical refining, but users can use them to prevent slipping. It is conceivable how small the final use effect is.

Fourth, it is very important that you do not charge in a good time. When choosing oil-resistant gloves, you must choose good quality products.

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