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Instructions for use of rubber class 2 dielectric gloves


Now some people engaged in the electrical industry are inseparable from the use of insulating gloves. The rubber insulated gloves cut off the contact between the wearer's hand and the electric current, and protect the safety of the user's hand. So how much do you know about the specific functions and usage specifications of insulated gloves? The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd. will introduce it to everyone.

The role of rubber class 2 dielectric gloves

Rubber class 2 dielectric gloves are safety appliances used when operating on high-voltage electrical equipment. They can be used to operate high-voltage disconnectors, high-voltage drop-out fuses, circuit breakers, etc. When working on low voltage equipment, it can be used as a basic safety appliance, and insulation gloves can be used to directly carry around the low voltage equipment. Rubber insulated gloves can insulate people's two hands from charged objects and are a safety appliance to prevent workers from touching differently charged objects at the same time and causing electric shock. For example, when using an insulation rod, wear Level 2 rubber dielectric safety gloves to improve insulation performance and prevent leakage current from damaging the human body.

Instructions for use of Rubber class 2 dielectric gloves

Rubber class 2 dielectric gloves general requirements for use. Insulated gloves are auxiliary insulation safety appliances used in operation and must be used in conjunction with basic insulation safety tools. When it is directly used on non-interrupted work on live equipment below 400V. It is not allowed to exceed the nominal voltage level of insulating gloves on the premise of meeting the safety distance of the human body.

1. Before use, it must be tested for stickiness and air leakage.

2. Must ensure that it is a qualified product and whether it is still within the retention period;

3. When wearing Straight cuff rubber class 2 dielectric gloves, make sure that the finger holes fit with the user, and at the same time, but the sleeves of the work clothes in the gloves.

4. If the insulated gloves are contaminated, wash them with soap and warm water. When it is stained with oil, do not use banana water to decontaminate it, because banana water will damage its insulation performance.

5. If the gloves get wet when they are used again, they should be dried first, then coated with some slip of lime, and then stored.

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