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Insulating Safety Gloves


Use Of Insulating Safety Gloves

1. Before use, 12KV or 5KV insulation gloves should be reasonably selected according to the operating voltage range, and check whether it is within the validity period.

2. An external inspection should be carried out to see if it is intact and the surface is free from wear, leaks, scratches, etc. Do not use it if there is any damage to the adhesive or air leakage. Insulation gloves are inspected by grasping both sides of the upper mouth of the insulating gloves with two hands and curling the gloves toward the fingers. When rolled to a certain degree, the internal air pressure increases due to the volume reduction. That is good.

3. Put on the cuffs of the outer garment into the extended part of the gloves when wearing insulated gloves. Use insulated gloves. Do not grasp sharp and punctured items to prevent damage. Wearing insulated gloves should not be used for non-electrical work, and medical or chemical gloves should not be used in place of insulated gloves.

4. After using the insulating gloves, wipe the inside and outside, dry them and sprinkle some talcum powder to avoid adhesion.

5. Insulated gloves are not allowed to be placed in a place that is too cold, overheated, in direct sunlight, or where there are acids and alkalis, to prevent gel aging and reduce insulation performance. Insulated gloves should be tested every 6 months.


The Role Of Insulating Safety Gloves

Insulating safety gloves are safety appliances used when operating on high-voltage electrical equipment and can be used to operate high-voltage disconnect switches, high-voltage drop-out fuses, circuit breakers, etc. It can be used as a basic safety appliance when working on low-voltage point-pointing equipment. With insulating gloves, it is possible to perform point-pointing directly on low-voltage equipment.

Insulating gloves can insulate people's two hands from charged objects. It is a safety appliance to prevent electric shock caused by workers touching differently charged objects at the same time. For example, when using insulating rods, wearing insulating gloves can improve insulation performance and prevent the leakage current from harming the human body.

If the insulating gloves are conformity with IEC/EN 60903, there will be an EN 60903 marking on each glove-like as follows:


If you see this marking on the gloves, pls take the gloves without any hesitation.