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Kids Safety Gloves With Silicone Dots

Product name:
Kids Safety Gloves with Silicone Dots
Brief description:
Kids safety gloves are made from 100% acrylic knitted glove liner and high-quality silicone dots on the palm. It could be one side dotted or both sides dotted. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd produce 100% knitted glove liner kids safety gloves with silicone dots, various colors and sizes are available.

Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibers made from a polymer with an average molecular weight of – 100,000, about 1900 monomer units. For a fiber to be called ”acrylic” in the US, the polymer must contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer.

Typical comonomers are vinyl acetate or methyl acrylate. DuPont created the first acrylic fibers in 1941. it was first developed in the mid-1940s but was not produced in large quantities until the 1950s. Strong and warm, acrylic fiber is often used for sweaters and tracksuits and as linings for boots and gloves, as well as in furnishing fabrics and carpets. It is manufactured as a filament, then cut into short staple lengths similar to wool hairs, and spun into yarn.

Feature of kids safety gloves with silicone dots

100% knitted glove liner kids safety gloves with silicone dots, acrylic is soft and warm.
The fiber is very durable, wicks away moisture and could be machine washable.
High performance ODM kids safety gloves with silicone dots, lightweight yarn offers exceptional comfort, Eco-friendly.

Knitted cotton yarn with silicone dots feels very soft and provides better grip, breathable on back, slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant, outstanding tactile sense, excellent sweat, and moisture absorbency, it has been exported to Netherlands, Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, Norway, New Zealand, etc. Now Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd hot sale kids safety gloves with silicone dots, welcome everyone to come to order.

Specifications of kids safety gloves with silicone dots

Material: acrylic, silicone dots
Color: gray, white, blue, navy blue, red
Gauge: 10
Weight: 35g/pair
Type: double sides dots, one side dots
Logo printing: silk screen printing, washing labels or heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/polybag, 600 pairs/woven bag or customized
Capacity: 160,000-190,000 pairs/20GP according to different weight
PVC dots customized acrylic mitten kids safety gloves with silicone dots
About 280,000-360,000 pairs/40HQ according to different weight
Compressed packing can be loaded more gloves

Applications of kids safety gloves with silicone dots

The hot sale kids safety gloves with silicone dots is specially produced for the kids. You know kids’ hands are tender and soft, it’s easy to get hands hurt when they are doing games or attending some explores or some adventure lessons. This glove is perfect for protecting kids from possible hazards. When kids attend the Summer Camp, Winter Camp or adventure lessons. It’s better for kids to take several pairs of the gloves, it does not only protect their hands but also provides wonderful experience while performing some tasks including climbing, planting trees, holding the certain sharp edges.

High performance ODM kids safety gloves with silicone dots are also very suitable for Horse Riding activity. First, the acrylic material liner is soft and breathable. Second, the silicone dots on the palm or on both palm and the back of the gloves could provide great grip when holding therein. Third, the high abrasion and slip resistance could protect the hands from the hazards.

Advantage of the acrylic yarn

1. Various colors: Acrylic yarn is a man-made fiber that can be easily made into various specifications, including colors, and can provide almost endless options. With modern technology, acrylic resins have the characteristics of not fading and not sag.
2. Reasonable price: Acrylic yarns are easy to mass produce, so in general, it is much cheaper to buy yarn.
3. Convenient cleaning: Standard rounding treatment can be carried out in the washing machine without shrinking or falling off. Therefore, it is ideal for items that require easy cleaning, such as sweaters, linings, gloves and blankets. It is especially ideal for baby clothes that require constant cleaning.
4. Durable: Acrylic gloves are extremely durable and are ideal for any project that requires durable yarns.
5. Warm: This yarn is very warm. It may not have the warmth of alpaca or cashmere. But it is still very warm and can be worn in the cold winter.
6. Lightweight: Lightweight yarn, wearing this kind of glove, is soft and breathable.


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