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Latex Coated Crinkle Finish Work Gloves

Product name:
Latex Coated Crinkle Finish Work Gloves
Brief description:
Work gloves are Personal Protective Equipment worn during works that cover and protect your hands from the wrist to be fingered. Work gloves are meant to save the users’ hands and fingers from unnecessary wounds such as cuts, blisters, splinters, skin punctures or heat and chemical burns. Work gloves vary in types depending on the work environment. Work gloves are also known as safety gloves or protective gloves.

High quality latex coated crinkle finish work gloves combining polyester and cotton, then with 10 gauge and 5 threads, then texturing palms with latex coating in a very comfortable glove. The crinkle finish work gloves are knitted by 10 gauge liner that enhances sensitivity, making general handling easier for the workers. Latex coated crinkle finish work gloves for mechanical use are also made from latex coated materials.

Feature of latex coated crinkle finish work gloves

1. High quality material of glove liner: the material used in producing the gloves is probably one of the key factors. You should pay close attention to it if you want to invest reliable protective gloves to fight the possible risks in the workplace to your hands. It is mainly because the material has a say on whether or not it will work in supplying you with the kind of protection you are hoping for. This knitted glove liner is using soft cotton yarn with 10 gauge 5 threads to provide comfortable, flexible features. When you wear cheap safety latex coated crinkle finish work gloves, you can move your hands flexibly and effectively when you are doing your jobs.

2. High quality of latex coating: Many people confuse latex with rubber although these are two different materials. Latex is created through a different process compared to that of rubber. Another difference lies in derivation. Latex can be derived from synthetic or natural sources. A latex coating is suitable for coated the gloves to gives great grip in wet, dry and oily working conditions.

3. Cheap safety latex coated crinkle finish work gloves punctures, abrasions, and cuts: Most industries, such as metal handling, glass industry, carpentry, construction works, can put their workers at risk of dealing with cuts, punctures, and abrasion hazards. With that in mind, you are responsible for searching for a good pair of work gloves. Ensure that it’s cut resistant, abrasion resistant and puncture-resistant, so you can always keep yourself or your workers safe. Latex coated crinkle finish work gloves for mechanical use, the crinkles latex coated gloves are with the high performance of cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and puncture-resistant features. It’s the ideal gloves for your works.

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Specifications of latex coated crinkle finish work gloves

Material: finely cotton, crinkle latex
Gauge: 10
Weight: 75-95g/pair
Size: 7"-11"
Custom logo printing: Yes
Color of Liner: light blue
Color of Coating: dark blue
Logo printing: silk screen printing, washing labels or heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/polybag, 600 pairs/woven bag or customized
China hot sale Latex coated crinkle finish work gloves manufacturer:Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd
Capacity: 130,000-180,000 pairs/20GP according to different weight
About 280,000-380,000 pairs/40HQ according to different weight

Application of latex coated crinkle finish work gloves

Latex Coated Crinkle Finish Work Gloves are ideal gloves for Construction works, logistics and transportation, metal industry, waste recycling, equipment maintenance, engineering, assembly industry, automotive, manufacturing, packing, electronics, glass industry, etc. High quality Latex coated crinkle finish work gloves are now widely used in these industries.

Safety Gloves Standards

Several European standards relate to gloves. These include:
EN 388: Protective against mechanical risks (abrasion/cut/tear/puncture)
EN 374: Protective against chemical and microorganisms
EN 420: General requirements for gloves includes sizing and a number of health and safety aspects including latex protein and chromium levels.
EN 60903: Electric shock
EN 407: Heat resistance
EN 511: Cold resistance
EN 1149: Anti-static
EN 10819: Anti Vibration gloves (TRM – Transmission Ratio Medium frequency range, TRH – Transmission Ratio High-frequency range)
These exist to fulfill Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.
PPE places gloves into three categories:
1. Minimal risk – End user can easily identify risk. Risk is low.
2. Complex design – Used in situations that can cause serious injury or death.
3. Intermediate – Gloves that don't fit into minimal risk or complex design categories.


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