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Latex Electrical Insulated Gloves


1. Why should the electrically insulated gloves reduce the contact time with Ozone?
Ozone, as one of the gas, exists in the air. The high concentration ozone maybe existed in somewhere under a certain condition, like the transformer room, traction power inspection room. The high concentration ozone will be generated in certain conditions because of the electrolysis of water. The electrically insulated gloves cannot stay together with the ozone for a long time under these conditions, therefore the electrically insulated gloves should stay far away from ozone environment.

latex electrical insulated gloves

In the high concentration ozone environment, the rubber and latex material electrically insulated gloves will be damaged by destroying its molecular structure, then it will cause the gloves’ static stretching, and then the gloves may be fractured. The performances of the electrically insulated gloves cannot be used well and maybe caused harms to the workers.

Tips: In order to prevent the gloves from fractured damages, stay away from the heat, direct sunlight, ozone when storing the electrically insulated gloves.

inspected electrically insulated gloves

2. Why should the electrically insulated gloves be inspected by the user?
Electrically insulated gloves should be visually inspected before each day’s use and after any action that could be expected to cause damage to the glove. Look for signs of physical damage like punctures, cuts, nicks, holes, cracks, scratches, and abrasions; chemical deterioration like swelling softness, hardening stickiness; ozone deterioration and other irregularities. Listen for escaping air to detect holes.