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Material Advantages Of Nitrile Coated Safety Protective Gloves


There are many occasions in which nitrile coated safety protective gloves are used. Such gloves are required in many enterprises. This type of gloves can protect the hands. There are many choices for such gloves. You can choose different nitrile gloves according to the use occasion. Especially in the construction industry, black nitrile coated safety protective gloves are indispensable supplies, which can protect the human body very well. Gloves like this are also very professional supplies, so when choosing, to buy from a professional manufacturer, like Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt.  Professional manufacturers produce gloves quality is guaranteed, and the range of choices will be wider. And the factory sells directly, the factory price sells, the price is cheap, the performance is guaranteed.

There are many types of nylon shell black nitrile coating industrial safety gloves. According to needs can select different types. In many cases, disposable nitrile coating industrial safety gloves are selected. In the case of highly hazardous substances, gloves are not allowed. For reuse, it is better to use disposable nitrile gloves, to protect the body, and to work well, so the choice is important. Nitrile gloves are the most widely used in the field of chemical production. Chemicals are very harmful to the body. If they are not protected, it is a great hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to wear nitrile gloves.

Material advantages of nitrile-coated safety protective gloves

1. 100% of nitrile rubber does not cause latex skin allergy problems.
2. Better anti-puncture ability, anti-bacterial penetration ability, chemical resistance ability.
3. Long-wearing, numb surface, more flexible operation. Soft and comfortable to wear.
4. Tapered cuffs make it easier to wear and operate.
5. Nitrile coating industrial safety gloves non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. The selected formula, advanced technology, soft-touch, comfortable non-slip, flexible operation.
6. Suitable for medical examination, dentistry, first aid, nursing, and many other aspects.
7. Good protection and physical properties, better than latex gloves.
8. Powder-free gloves use a special powder-free process for more thorough protection.

Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt specializes in the production and sale of China cheap good quality black nitrile coated safety protective gloves. The gloves we produce have passed national safety monitoring and certification, and are safe to use with guaranteed quality. Welcome everyone to buy.