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Micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves suitable industry


The production of micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves brings great convenience to users. Moreover, the glove is light and breathable, and its oil resistance is also good, so it is used in many industries. The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will give you a detailed introduction to this product.

Product features of micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves

1. Breathable micro foam nitrile coated work gloves provide excellent grip performance on surface oily articles and good slip resistance. Moreover, the glove is relatively worn resistant and has good wear resistance.
2. China high quality micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves, which provide optimum breathability for optimum comfort and worker acceptance. Breathable foamed nitrile reduces sweating; nylon liners are cool and comfortable. And better dexterity, nylon lining does not lint, can prevent the debris on the gloves from contaminating the product. Does do not contain silicon, will not leave fingerprints and marks, can protect the product from contamination.
3. It is the ideal glove for assembly work. Because the glove is particularly good in use, it helps the user's hands to be harmless during work.

Micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves suitable industry

1. Laboratory personnel: nitrile coated safety gloves and comfortable, stable performance, excellent chemical resistance. Can avoid chemical stimulation and damage to the skin, is an excellent choice for laboratory personnel.

2. Assembly line workers: workers facing harmful chemicals, such as workers working in battery manufacturing plants face the danger of lead, you need to wear gloves at work. Factory direct sales micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves is the best choice in this case because nitrile is produced from an elastomer with excellent chemical resistance. In addition, nitrile gloves are more comfortable to wear, and the gloves will be more close to body temperature, providing better operational sensitivity.

3. Catering industry: Nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear and suitable for long-time wear. They are ideal for food processing and foodservice. Of course, PVC and PE gloves are an alternative, but only suitable for light and short-term operation.

4. Maintenance workers: Maintenance workers usually come into contact with grease, oil, and other solvents when repairing machinery and equipment. They can use disposable nitrile gloves to protect their hands.

5. Cleaners: These workers need to wear gloves to protect themselves from chemical substances in cleaning products and to protect themselves from pathogens when cleaning the bathroom. Because nitrile gloves can fight harmful chemicals, nitrile is often used by such workers.

Maintenance of micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves

How to maintain and maintain gloves without using nitrile coated work gloves. Ann Kang, the manufacturer of wholesale micro foam nitrile coated safety gloves, will give a brief introduction to the users and hope to help everyone.
Gloves can store in a cool dry place when not in use. If necessary, we can put talcum powder, hazelnut powder or wax powder on the surface of the film gloves. This prevents the temperature from getting too high and the film to stick. It also avoids moisture and keeps the performance of film work gloves.

In addition to the nitrile-coated safety gloves, there are gloves because of frequent cleaning and color loss. We can add salt during cleaning, soaking for a while and then cleaning, especially during the first cleaning. If there is still color loss during the subsequent cleaning process, then continue to use this method until it no longer fades. This method allows us to solve the more common method of clothing color loss, and it is also a more useful method.

Method for maintaining nitrile coated safety gloves

1. Sunscreen. Frequent exposure to sunlight is not only a fading on the surface, but also greatly reduces the service life of these items. Not only are we afraid of UV radiation, but we also need to protect them from these nitrile gloves. Usually after use. Keep them in a cool place, don't put them in the sun, take these sun protection measures to protect them. Increase their life expectancy, and let them create more economic benefits for us.
2. Leaning. For breathable micro foam nitrile coated work gloves, do not touch objects that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the protective gloves of this color, apply toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Be careful to dry evenly to prevent discoloration. Or find two white clean papers on top, dry them and tear them off to prevent discoloration.