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Precautions of PVC dotted cotton hand gloves


Black PVC dotted cotton hand gloves is a low price and wide range of labor protection gloves manufactured by Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd. This glove is made of polyester fiber + cotton and does not contain any protein that may cause allerg...

Features And Considerations Of HPPE Cut Resistant Gloves


Sandy nitrile coated level D HPPE cut resistant gloves, produced by Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd, is one of the labor protection products. It protects the hand and is not easy to be cut, and has a long service life. Therefore, it is widely ...

Key points about recycling nitrile coated safety working gloves


Sandy nitrile coated safety working gloves, a type of nitrile gloves. This glove is mainly made of polyester fiber and sandy nitrile. Nitrile-coated safety work gloves can divide into two categories: the first is powdered gloves and the other is p...

Features of Spandex Nylon Sandy Nitrile Work Gloves


It is believed that many people do not know which is more suitable when choosing universal work gloves. The choice of work gloves is wrong. The material of the gloves is different for different chemical solvents and other harmful substances. The p...

Tips for judging the quality of nitrile coated safety gloves


With the increasing demand for nitrile-coated safety gloves in people's daily lives, there are more and more manufacturers producing nitrile-coated safety gloves on the market, resulting in the uneven quality of gloves. So how to choose a good qua...

Use and storage of latex insulated safety hand gloves


Now with the production needs of various industries, the use of insulating gloves is becoming more and more common. It can be said that latex insulated safety gloves have become an important daily life and production supplies. Many users think it ...

Main points of select polycotton smooth finish latex coated gloves


With the development of latex materials, more gloves are now made of latex coated materials. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd produces 10G polycotton smooth finish latex coated gloves, using smooth latex technology, which is the best-selling on...

Pros and cons of PU coated working gloves


PU Coated Working Gloves come in a variety of linings: from low-cost general-purpose gloves to high-cut-resistant gloves for metal processing. However, polyurethane (or "PU") coated gloves do have some disadvantages that most people don't know abo...

Insulating Safety Gloves


Use Of Insulating Safety Gloves 1. Before use, 12KV or 5KV insulation gloves should be reasonably selected according to the operating voltage range, and check whether it is within the validity period. 2. An external inspection should be carried ou...

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