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How do insulated gloves keep users’ hands safe?


For some electrical users, class 1 latex dielectric safety gloves should already be familiar to them. Although everyone knows that electricians must wear insulating gloves at work, some people still wonder "Is insulating gloves really useful?" The...

Tips for using nitrile work protective gloves


Full dipped smooth finish nitrile gloves, mainly composed of interlock and nitrile coated. This material is not only puncture-resistant but also comfortable, which is very suitable for the use of a large number of users. High-performance nitrile-c...

Points to note when choosing PU coated safety gloves


White PU coated safety gloves are now widely used in the general assembly, semiconductor, micro-mechanical tasks, an inspection of precision parts, articles, fine and precise operations, packaging, light industry, electronics, horticulture, genera...

Materials and advantages of PU coated cut resistant gloves


With the increasing demand for cut-resistant gloves in various industries, cut-resistant gloves of various materials and models now appear on the market. And Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd produces HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves ...

Precautions when using Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves


Vibration resistant safety gloves are a new type of user's shockproof gloves produced by Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd. When using this product, it can reduce the vibration of the wearer's hand and protect the wearer's hand. This product is ...

Several common glove types


What kinds of ordinary gloves are on the market? Which type of gloves is better for you? There are generally two classification methods for gloves on the market. One is to classify according to the material and production process of the gloves. Th...

Advantages and disadvantages of PU Coated Safety Gloves


White PU Coated Safety Glove mostly uses PU coating technology, which is the best-selling one in gloves. PU coating is a polyurethane coating. It is a newly developed processing technology during textile finishing. It is a uniform coating of a pol...

Considerations for choosing chemical resistant gloves


There are more and more people engaged in the chemical industry, and their occupation is a very dangerous job, so it is especially important to protect the safety of hands when working. The role of chemical-resistant gloves is self-evident. Proper...

Advantage of cotton knitted hand gloves


Cotton knitted hand gloves are a kind of cotton gloves. The main material of the gloves is cotton. The glove is not only soft in texture, but also comfortable and breathable, so it is now used in many industries. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt...

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