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Nylon Knitted Bath Shower Gloves

Product name:
Nylon Knitted Bath Shower Gloves
Brief description:
Eco-friendly nylon knitted bath shower gloves also known as body gloves, washing gloves, exfoliating gloves, SPA massage shower gloves, bath gloves.

We all want to have healthy and glowing skin. To get beautiful, even-toned skin, exfoliating gloves is one important process you don’t want to skip. The material nylon material won’t hurt your skin, promotes healthy skin and helps repair damaged skin. Five-fingered design and made of stretchable and woven nylon to fit most hand sizes. Ideal for regular exfoliating.
Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd wholesale 100% nylon shower bath exfoliating gloves kids gloves, various colors, and sizes are available.

Feature of nylon knitted bath shower gloves

1. Eco-friendly nylon knitted bath shower gloves eco-friendly, soft and comfortable feel.
2. Remove dead skin and make your body smooth and shiny, you prevent acne while giving room for fresher skin hence combatting signs of aging.
3. Massage your body, stimulate blood circulation.
4. Provide a solid grip and perfect scrubbing as well as cleaning ability.

Specifications of nylon knitted bath shower gloves

Material: nylon
Gauge: 10
Color: pink
Color optional: pink, yellow, white, purple, blue, red, green or customized
Size: free size
Logo printing: silk screen printing, washing labels or heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/polybag, 600 pairs/woven bag or customized
Capacity: 160,000-220,000 pairs/20GP according to different weight
Wearable nylon knitted bath shower gloves manufacturers: Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd
About 260,000-360,000 pairs/40HQ according to different weight
Compressed packing can be loaded more gloves

Application of nylon knitted bath shower gloves

Hot sale 10 gauge nylon knitted bath shower gloves can be applied to scrub the whole body, washes away dead surface cells while boosting blood circulation and encouraging skin cell rejuvenation for silky smooth and radiant skin.
It could be also applied to as loofah, it can produce rich foam, works together well with soap, body scrubs, bath creams, and shower gels.
Shower, SPA store, and leisure activities, Bathing, promoting products. etc.

How To Use Exfoliating Gloves For your Body?
First, choose gloves that are lightweight and fit your hands comfortably. Avoid very rough gloves, because these may damage your kin. Try on exfoliating gloves before purchasing to ensure they fit properly.

Wet the gloves and your skin with warm water. Apply a few drops of liquid soap or exfoliant scrub directly to the gloves or to your skin. Add more water if necessary to form a lather.

Massage your skin using gentle pressure. Move the gloves over your skin in small, circular motions. Do not use exfoliating gloves on sensitive areas, such as near the eyes. If you experience any redness, stinging, burning or pain on the skin, stop using the gloves and wait for your skin to recover before attempting to exfoliate again.

Rinse the gloves often while exfoliating to wash away dead skin cells or other debris. Add more soap or exfoliant as needed.

Exfoliating your skin can increase dryness and irritation. Moisturizing creams or lotions will lock water into your skin, soothe irritation and prevent dryness or itching.

Clean and dry your gloves once or twice per week.
Do not store your gloves wet. Doing so encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus and increases your risk of developing an infection. Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd Wearable nylon knitted bath shower gloves manufacturers, hot sale 10 gauge nylon knitted bath shower gloves and other types of gloves, welcome users who need to come to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could you print our logos on the gloves?
Yes, of course, we can print your logos on the gloves.
2. How will my order gloves be delivered?
By sea. It’s a cheap and convenient way to deliver gloves.
By express DHL, FedEx or UPS, it’s fast but with the high freight cost.
By truck, it’s a convenient and fast way to send the products to some inland countries.
3. How can I get samples?
We are glad to offer you free samples for your quality approval. But the freight will be collected.
You can arrange RPI (remote pick-up) service upon FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT to have the samples collected. Or inform us of your DHL collection account. Pls afford the freight at the moment, pls be 100% rest assured that the freight will be 100% deducted from your first order.


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