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Performance and use of gray nitrile coated safety working gloves


Gray nitrile coated safety working gloves, a type of rubber gloves. This glove is mainly made of polyester and nitrile coating as the main raw materials. Gray nitrile coated gloves safety knitted nylon gloves are our company's professionally produced gloves for the medical and chemical industries. Below Ann Kang will give you a detailed introduction to the performance and use of the glove.

Performance of gray nitrile coated safety working gloves

This kind of glove is mainly made of nitrile rubber as the main raw material, and combined with some other auxiliary preparations, it is made by processing. It does not contain any protein inside, it will not affect our skin, and there will be no allergic reactions. This kind of glove is not toxic, harmless, and very durable, and its attached performance is also relatively good.

When using this kind of glove, there are some things we need to pay attention to when it comes to recycling:
1. After using the gray knitted nylon nitrile coated labor glove, we should pack it in a relatively clean bag or a plastic bucket to prevent the glove from being contaminated by other dust particles and prevent it from being squeezed.
2. Packaging it, please put it in a ventilated and relatively dry place. It should be noted that the sun can not be directly exposed to it, or the glove may appear yellow.
3. After storage, it should arrange as soon as possible. For example, it can send to clean and then regenerated. It can also turn off or discard.

Use the scope of gray nitrile coated safety working gloves

An introduction to the scope of use of such gloves:
The use of such gloves is relatively wide: it can apply to the work of household chores. The production of electronic components, the production of chemical products, the cultivation of aquaculture, the research of hospitals and research institutes, etc.

Use common sense of gray nitrile coated safety working gloves

1. Gray nitrile coated safety work gloves can effectively prevent organic solvents. The main advantages are high strength and high elasticity. Mainly for the hands of the hands of liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouses, alcohol cleaning.

2. Nitrile gloves do not have any resistance to some highly corrosive things. So when using, be sure to look at the instructions, take a look, in which areas it can be used, not to exceed its scope, like some things that are high in acidity and high in corrosion are completely unacceptable, so we can only use special gloves.

3. Gray sandy nitrile finished coated safety working gloves, generally thin, elastic is relatively large. So pay special attention when wearing, be sure to wear from the fingers, and then slowly pull up.

4. Gray nitrile gloves generally have a certain period of use, when using, pay attention to check the period of use. Do not look, use it freely, after a certain time, the gloves will age, and even crack, so Not any protection.

Selection of gray nitrile coated safety working gloves

First, do not choose expensive, only choose the right
It is not expensive, but the right one. The microscopic performance parameters of the gloves are different, and the price is different. Therefore, according to the needs of the products, it is better to choose the products that meet the requirements of the products.

Second, the performance of the equivalent case, consider the price
At present, the market economy is not in a good environment, and it may continue to be sluggish. Enterprises are considering more costs in the production process. If the product of the same performance, there is no doubt, the company will choose the one that is relatively cheaper.

Third, to ensure wear comfort and improve work efficiency
I have met many business friends, and I can always listen to their experiences on the assembly line when chatting. As an employee on the assembly line, the original work is extremely boring. If the daily wear of auxiliary products can not meet the minimum comfort requirements, it is conceivable that everyone's work enthusiasm and work efficiency are low.

Fourth, import and domestic, import priority
There are currently two main types of gloves on the market, imported and domestic. From the price point of view, the imported gloves will be slightly more expensive, but the quality is high and stable. From the long-term development goals of the company, imported gloves are the best choice.
The price of domestic gloves is actually not low. Although it has been catching up in the past few years, the performance has been improved a lot. However, in industries with higher cleanliness requirements, domestic gloves have not been able to meet the requirements of these customer groups.

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