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Performance and use of PU coated cut resistant gloves


In daily life, anti-cutting and wear-resistant gloves are essential protective materials in the operation. The use environment is different, and there are many types of anti-cutting and wear-resistant gloves. If the anti-cutting and wearing gloves are not properly worn during the work, it may cause serious injury. Many people think that it is more convenient to wear gloves than to wear gloves, but it is too late when an accident occurs. Therefore, it is better to start from the protective measures and provide protection for our personal safety. A good HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves can not only greatly improve the efficiency of workers' work, but also provide workers with good protection. And they will get twice the result with half the effort.

13G HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves are made of super-high-strength glass fiber and HPPE. It has strong cut resistance, so users can wear this type of anti-cutting gloves to scratch the blade without being scratched. Moreover, the gloves we produce are CE certificated HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves, which users can safely use.

Performance of PU coated cut resistant gloves

1. Anti-cutting, stab-resistant, non-slip, and wear-resistant;

2. With superior cut-proof performance, wear resistance and stab resistance;

3. Can effectively protect the human hand from being cut by sharp edges such as knives;

4. Excellent anti-slip performance can protect the object will not fall when grabbing objects;

5. High-strength HPPE fiber. The yarn used in the anti-cutting series is special. It is a kind of HPPE fiber. Its specific strength is more than ten times that of the same section of steel wire. The specific modulus is second only to the special grade carbon fiber. It is used in aerospace, military, deep-sea and other key areas. Because of this material, the cutting performance of this glove has reached the European Grade 5 standard, which is not only high in strength but also lighter and more flexible than traditional wire cutting gloves. And HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves costs are not very high, it is a worthy choice of cut-resistant gloves.

Use of PU coated cut resistant gloves

1. Wear anti-cutting gloves, you can grab the sharp edge of the dagger, bayonet, etc. Even if the cutter is pulled out from the hand, it will not cut the glove, and will not hurt the hand. It is the necessary equipment for public security, armed police, security, and other industry personnel to protect themselves.

2. Taxi drivers are also one of the high-risk occupations. Once they encounter robbery, they may lose their lives. The HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves are equipped to give drivers and friends the confidence to subdue the gangsters in an emergency, and they are self-protecting and able to subdue the gangsters.

3. HPPE knitted PU coated cut resistant gloves for metal treatment is also a must-have product for garment processing, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, glass, sheet processing, and other industries, is petrochemical, smelting mining, metal processing, disaster relief, etc. Labor protection products in the industry.