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Points in the use of latex coated protective gloves


Introduction of latex coated gloves

Hand as the main body of a person, all the gripping actions of the grippers in daily life production are completed by it, which is indispensable. But in industrial production, the hand is the most vulnerable part of the human body. In order to reduce the damage in live production, latex coated protective gloves were invented for production. It is important to choose the right glove, and how to use the same gloves is also important. There are many types of hot sale red with black crinkle latex coated protective gloves on the market. It is important to know the various types of latex gloves.

Red with black crinkle latex coated protective gloves is a commonly used latex coated protective glove, which is different from ordinary gloves and is processed from latex. Latex gloves made from natural latex and other fine additives. The products are specially surface treated for comfortable wear. Moreover, latex has good puncture resistance, so it is widely used in metal processing, glass industry, woodworking, construction engineering and other industries that are easy to pierce the hand. And now, with the increase of production efficiency, the efficiency of producing latex gloves has also increased, so it is not expensive to use red with black crinkle latex coated protective gloves price. So how do we use it after purchasing latex coated protective gloves? Here, Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt will give you some tips for using latex-coated protective gloves.

Points for attention in the use of latex coated protective gloves

1. Need to wear when entering the cleanroom and direct or indirect contact with the product;
Direct contact: touch products, touch products, components;
Indirect contact: touch equipment, worktops, tooling fixtures, etc. that may come into contact with the product;

2. The glove must wrap in a clean clothing cuff when wearing it;

3. Wear gloves of appropriate size, not too large or too small;

4. After wearing the gloves, wash the hands with purified water, then wash the hands with alcohol after drying, then dry to contact the product;

5. The gloves must be cleaned and disinfected when they are taken off again (repeat step 4);

6. Disinfected gloves should not in direct contact with skin or items at risk of contamination;

7. Should not place freely the removed gloves (inside the outside), especially if they are not directly or indirectly contacted;

8. When the glove is damaged or there is contamination on the surface that is not suitable for cleaning, needs to replace it in time;

9. Should disinfect the gloves every 2 hours. The disinfection method is to purify the water and then the alcohol;

10. Observe the surface of the glove for any particulate exfoliation at any time, if it is reported in time;

The above is red with a black latex coated cheap industrial labor glove. In general, if it is a reusable glove, we must use it carefully and maintain it.

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