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Precautions for purchasing gloves with crinkle latex-coating


Knitted gloves with crinkle latex-coating are different from general protective gloves. It is made of latex and is elastic and degradable. Moreover, its material is composed of polyester and wrinkle latex, durable and puncture-resistant. So it is now widely used in metal processing, glass industry, woodworking, construction engineering, and other industries. Since latex knit gloves are so popular, and China has entered the winter, what should we pay attention to when purchasing?

Precautions for purchasing latex knit gloves

One of the shopping precautions: the right size
Professionals remind everyone that in the winter, it is essential to buy durable use knitted gloves with crinkle latex-coating, and you need to buy latex gloves that suit you. The size is very important, if you buy it inappropriately, no matter what. Whether the latex gloves are big or small, they can't keep warm.

Purchase Note 2: Latex Glove Material
Knitted gloves with crinkle latex-coating, if you use it in winter, you should not buy artificial leather, nylon or over-thick materials for a certain reason. According to professionals, artificial leather tends to be hard in the cold winter. Nylon is too slippery and has low friction. It is not suitable for everyone when riding a bicycle, and it is not safe.

Latex Gloves Purchase Note 3: What kind of gloves should children choose?
Because the child's skin is very tender, so be sure to pay attention when purchasing latex gloves, you can not choose those harder materials. So it is easy to cause the child's skin to hurt, the best is to choose to buy soft cotton wool or elastic nylon latex gloves that don't hurt your child's skin. Hot sale knitted gloves with crinkle latex-coating in the market, just right for children to wear.

Precautions to wear latex gloves

So how do we use it better after buying gloves? What should you pay attention to when you wear it?
1. Hands that are not wearing sterile gloves are only allowed to touch the outwardly folded portion of the glove cover and cannot touch the outside of the glove.

2. Insert the right hand into the right-hand glove first, be careful not to touch the outside of the glove. Then insert the right finger into the inner side of the left-hand glove fold to help the left hand insert into the glove. The right hand with gloves must not touch the skin of the left hand.

3. Turn the glove fold back to the cuffs of the surgical gown. If necessary, flush the talcum powder outside the glove with sterile saline. Medical gloves, hands should place on the chest before the surgery begins.

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