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Precautions for use and storage of electrical insulating gloves


10KV safety electrical protective insulated gloves are auxiliary safety appliances used when operating on high voltage electrical equipment. For some electricians, it is a dangerous job without protective measures, so electrical insulating gloves bring safety to the hands of these workers. Electrical insulating gloves can be used to operate high voltage disconnect switches, high voltage drop switches, oil switches, etc. When working on low-voltage live equipment, use it as a basic safety appliance. Even with insulated gloves, you can carry out live work directly on low-voltage equipment. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will introduce to you how to use and maintain this type of gloves.

high quality 10KV safety electrical protective insulated gloves

Precautions for use and storage of electrical insulating gloves

1. Because the insulated gloves are in electrical contact, external inspection should be performed before each use to see if the surface is damaged, abraded or leaked, scratched, etc. If you find that the gloves are leaking or damaged, stop using them immediately. The inspection method is to curl the gloves toward the fingers. When the gloves are rolled to a certain extent, the internal air is reduced in volume and pressure, and the fingers are swollen. It is good if the air does not leak.

2. When using high-quality 10KV safety electrical protective insulated gloves, it is best to wear a pair of cotton gloves, which can prevent sweating and inconvenience in summer, and keep warm in winter. When wearing gloves, put the outer sleeve cuffs on the extended part of the gloves.

3. After using the insulated gloves, in order to ensure that the gloves are not corroded, they should wipe and dried after use. It's best to sprinkle some talc to avoid sticking.

4. Insulated gloves should be stored in a dry, cool place. And should invert on the finger support or stored in a special cabinet, placed separately from other tools. No objects stack on it to avoid crushing or getting wet.

5. Insulated gloves must not come in contact with petroleum-based grease. Passed and unqualified insulating gloves must not be mixed together, so as not to get wrong when using.