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Precautions when using Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves


Vibration resistant safety gloves are a new type of user's shockproof gloves produced by Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd. When using this product, it can reduce the vibration of the wearer's hand and protect the wearer's hand. This product is made of special foam rubber, and the palm is coated with black foamed latex treated with a special process to reduce the harm of hand vibration syndrome caused in the working environment. The palm area is made of special foam material to protect the hand from the vibration of heavy tools. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear and has the functions of anti-slip, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance.

Scope of application: Mining industry, automobile manufacturing, road construction, forestry, logging removal and felling, machinery industry, transportation, wood carving, car repair, drilling, mining and other industries that are prone to vibration.

Features: Cotton liner vibration resistant safety gloves for increased flexibility and reduced hand fatigue. Not only has an excellent protective effect on frequency vibration, but also has excellent protection effect on different frequencies.

high performance black sandy nitrile impact resistant safety gloves

Precautions when using vibration resistant gloves

1. Choice of size. When choosing a glove size, choose a larger and slightly looser glove. Lest the gloves are too tight to prevent a good shock-proof effect on the hand.

2. When the palm of the glove is worn out, damaged, or a vibration-proof material is leaked, it should replace the new product.

3. Selection of shockproof gloves. The shock resistance of gloves is very important. When choosing a wearer, you must choose the appropriate shockproof gloves according to your industry and the vibration situation.

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