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Principle of choosing 13G red with black nitrile coated gloves


13G red with black nitrile coated gloves is specially developed for production in chemical or wet environments, widely used in automotive assembly, construction engineering, and chemical industries. The development and production of this glove protect many staff's hands not harmed. So now more and more staff choose this glove for work production

Application of 13G red with black nitrile coated gloves

A. There are special requirements for the production environment during the production process, and gloves are worn to protect the product or the production environment. Such as the construction industry, high cleanliness requirements environment. Use low price 13G red with black nitrile coated gloves for better protection.
B. In the production process, the operating environment or the products produced may cause some degree of harm to the operator, and wear gloves. Such as solvent procedures, for the needs of the operator's health protection.

Advantage of 13G red with black nitrile coated gloves

1. No protein source, no allergic concerns; no smell, wear peace of mind.

2. Uniform material, good softness, tear-resistance.

Ann Kang gloves, with its soft material, will change with the slight chance of the hand shape, improve the sensitivity of the hand and reduce the fatigue of wearing for a long time. Its good tear resistance prevents the operator from being stabbed by sharp objects. unit.

3. Stable chemical properties, resistant to weak acid and weak base, not easy to be decomposed, no adhesion.
In the medical and industrial industries, chemical substances are often exposed, and the corrosion resistance of gloves is very high. The stable chemical properties of Ann Kang gloves ensure the safety of operators.

4. Some gloves are designed with anti-slip according to different needs.
Ann Kang's specific gloves are designed with a micro-pitting to provide a firm grip, which reduces the turnover rate of the staff when using the device.

5. A variety of colors to choose from, no stains, no black spots, no yellow, to meet the special needs of different industries.

The principle to consider when choosing nitrile gloves

A. First of all, should consider the production process requirements of the product. Such as cleanliness, anti-static requirements, to determine which material to use the gloves to meet the production process requirements.
B. The comfort and safety of the second person.
C. Consider the cost of use to determine the appropriate price/performance ratio.

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