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Pros and cons of PU coated working gloves


PU Coated Working Gloves come in a variety of linings: from low-cost general-purpose gloves to high-cut-resistant gloves for metal processing. However, polyurethane (or "PU") coated gloves do have some disadvantages that most people don't know about. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of this glove.

Advantages of PU coated working gloves

1. They are very flexible
13 Gauge black polyester liner black PU coated working gloves have a strong tensile force. This material gives these gloves the best touch sensitivity of any work gloves available. Many workers now do not wear gloves, which will cause hand injuries to a certain extent, so wearing gloves can reduce the chances of workers getting hand injuries. If workers do not exclude and prevent them from doing work, they are more likely to agree to wear gloves. And, from a safety perspective, wearing gloves is a huge advantage.

2. They are relatively cheap
Although they can't stand the test of time, today's general-purpose polyurethane-coated gloves cost only 70 cents each. This is about 1/3 of the cost of cheap universal work gloves! This means that although you have to change them more often than other gloves, the cost per pair is very reasonable.

3. Polyurethane coating will give you an amazing grip
In addition to the overall value and flexibility provided, polyurethane coatings will give you an outstanding grip. In short, it has advantages in most applications. Similarly, polyurethane coatings have certain environmental protection properties. This means that choosing work gloves with this coating will reduce the risk of contamination.

The disadvantage of PU coated working gloves

1. They make your hands all sweaty and covered:
Black polyester knitted PU coated safety working gloves is unique in that the coating on the glove "penetrates" to the inside of the glove. Since the coating eventually appears on the inside of the glove, this means that the polyurethane-coated glove will retain heat and as a result will become sweaty overtime.

Moreover, some users may overheat due to the influence of the working environment, and your workers may feel slightly uncomfortable when wearing polyurethane-coated gloves.

2. They are not very durable.
Compared with other materials of gloves, the softness and flexibility of polyurethane may have some flaws. For example, compared to the ANSI level 3 protection provided by nitrile or latex-coated gloves, almost all polyurethane-coated gloves are rated ANSI abrasion resistance level 1. This means that there is a huge difference between the wear life of PU Coated Working Gloves, which means you will have to buy replacement parts more often.