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Protective performance of nitrile coated safety protective gloves


The production of black nitrile coated safety protective gloves protects the hands of more and more employees in the construction or warehousing industry from being harmed. The gloves are not only good in performance, but also widely used, inexpensive, and durable. Next Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will give you more information about the glove.

Product Features of nitrile coated safety protective gloves

1. Strong and durable, reaching the highest resistance index (EN388) (Level 4);
2. Strong flexibility and improved work efficiency;
3. Durable protection, an excellent choice for site operations;
4. Breathable cotton yarn lining adds comfort;
5. The wrinkled latex coating provides excellent grip;
6. No silicon, protect products from pollution.

Product advantages nitrile coated safety protective gloves

1. It does not contain latex, and the user will not be allergic to the palm.
2. The gripping ability of the wet environment, especially the oil and fat environment is more prominent.
3. It has super wear resistance, effectively prolongs the service life, and the control cost can be used repeatedly to save costs.
4. Black knit nylon nitrile coated safety work glove lightweight and comfortable protective gloves with a tough nitrile coating;
5. The palm nitrile foam coating can improve the grip on wet and greasy articles, and has good puncture resistance and wear resistance;
6. Good grip and long service life. The back of the hand is uncoated and breathable. Nylon surface, cleaning and shrinking;
7. The color of the cuffs is arranged according to the size, which is easy to sort after cleaning.

Protective performance nitrile coated safety protective gloves

1. Black knit nylon nitrile coated safety work glove can effectively prevent organic solvents, its main advantages are high strength, high elasticity. Mainly for the hands of the hands of liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouses, alcohol cleaning.

2. Some industries are engaged in industries that have some sharp things, and these things may penetrate the glove and hurt the user's hand. Therefore, in addition to requiring careful handling during use, some industries must also wear finger cots in gloves.

3. Nitrile gloves do not have any resistance to some highly corrosive things, so when using, be sure to look at the instructions. Take a look, in which areas it can be used, not to exceed its scope, like some things that are high in acidity and high in corrosion are completely unacceptable, so we can only use special gloves.

4. China cheap good quality black nitrile coated safety protective gloves generally thin, elastic is relatively large. So pay special attention when wearing, be sure to wear from the fingers, and then slowly pull up.

5. Nylon shell black nitrile coated safety protective gloves generally have a certain period of use. When using it, pay attention to the period of use. Do not look at it and use it freely. After a certain period of time, the glove will age and even crack, this does not provide any protection.

Precautions of buy nitrile coated safety protective gloves

Since the advantages and use of nylon shell black nitrile coating industrial safety gloves are so many, what problems should we pay attention to when purchasing this glove? Let me introduce you to the following.

1. Black nitrile coated safety protective gloves to choose the right sized gloves. Gloves should be properly sized. If the gloves are too tight, restrict blood circulation, it will be tired and uncomfortable. If it is too loose, it will be insensitive and will fall off easily.

2. Nitrile coated safety protective gloves series of insulated gloves must carefully observe before each application and blowing gas into the glove by blowing. Hand tightly in the cuffs of the gloves to avoid air leaks, investigating gloves whether it will leak from walking. If you look at the glove without leaks, you can use it as a protective glove. It can still use when the insulating gloves are slightly damaged. But a pair of yarns or leather gloves should put on the outside of the Miaojie insulating gloves to ensure the safety of workers.

3. A wide variety of nitrile gloves should be used according to the use. First of all, we must clearly define the labor protection goals, and then carefully select labor insurance, and misuse to avoid accidents.