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PU Coated Gardening Work Gloves

Product name:
PU Coated Gardening Work Gloves
PU coated gloves, the PU coating has the property of acid and alkali resistance, can effectively prevent slipping, avoid slipping when grabbing objects, and cannot leave fingertips and improve productivity. Allowing great freedom of movement and reduction of hand fatigue, anti-pollution, thermal, wear resistance, easy to absorb sweat, good ventilation. Puncture and abrasion resistance PU coated gardening work gloves also have this feature.

Working outside in the Summer with temperatures on the rise, the last thing you need is sweaty hands, not only is it unpleasant, you lose grip with your gloves. The answer is here with our high-quality gloves, 10G PU coated gardening work gloves are made of nylon and coated with Polyurethane, which is with high levels of comfort and dexterity due to their tight-fitting materials. These PU coated working gloves provide limited puncture and cut protection and are generally used for assembly operations, precision engineering. Seamless knit PU coated gardening work gloves is a good choice.

Feature of PU coated gardening work gloves

1. Seamless knit PU coated gardening work gloves excellent tactile sensitivity, great grip, puncture, and abrasion resistance.
2. PU is a flexible, synthetic material with outstanding dexterity, sensitivity, grip & breath-ability. Besides it is ultra-light coating, it is also micro-porous & hence PU coating on the seamless liner can evaporate perspiration & eliminates any sort of discomfort for all-day working.
3. The conductive resin is added to the PU coating to make the anti-static effect best, and the fingers of the operator can be directly contacted with the electrostatic-sensitive component, and the static charge of the human body can be safely discharged.
4. Perfect for handing small components and carrying out precision work where dexterity required, etc.
5. 10G PU coated gardening work gloves, various colors, and sizes are available.

Specifications of PU coated gardening work gloves

Material: Polyester, PU
Type: PU coated palm
Size: S, M, L, XL
Color of liner: gray
Color of coating: gray
Logo printing: silk-screen printing, heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/poly bag, 600 pairs/carton or customized
Capacity: 160,000-220,000 pairs/20GP
360,000-420,000 pairs/40HQ
13G polyester liner PU coated gardening work gloves manufacturer: Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd

Application of PU coated gardening work gloves

13G polyester liner PU coated gardening work gloves are widely perfect for Clean-room, general assembly, semi-conductor, micro-mechanical tasks, inspecting precise parts, articles, delicate and precise operations, packaging, light engineering, electronics, gardening, general handling, etc.

Types of Work Gloves

Due to the different working environment, there are various work gloves to be used for protecting the hands from hazards. Following are the general types of work gloves.

Nitrile Coated Gloves
Nitrile coated gloves are flexible, durable, tough and offer plenty of protection on the jobs. Some glove material liner, like spandex nylon, provides more flexible and comfortable working feels. Nitrile coated gloves will help the works protect the hands for some cuts and punctures, and offer excellent grip in wet and oily conditions. They’re the best gloves for light oil industries, constructions, gardening, manufacturing, and light-duty yard work.

Latex Coated Gloves
Latex Coated Gloves can be divided into three types according to different latex coating surface, it’s crinkle latex coated gloves, smooth latex coated gloves, foam latex coated gloves. They offer excellent flexibility and dexterity working experience. They are best for light-duty, such as painting, gardening, constructions works, and some chemicals. For example, puncture and abrasion resistance PU coated gardening work gloves.

Cotton Gloves
There are several kinds of cotton gloves, such as 7 gauge, 10 gauge, 13 gauge cotton knitted gloves, then PVC coated on the surface of the cotton gloves to make PVC dots cotton gloves. With the features of lightweight, flexibility, comfortable, sweat absorbing and excellent grip, it’s perfect for construction works, farming, manufacturing, shipping, packaging and so on.

Chemical Resistant Gloves
Chemical Resistant gloves are one of the most important gloves for the workers because the chemicals are very harmful to a person’s health. PVC gloves, latex gloves as the common types of chemical resistant gloves, which plays an important role in protecting the hands from harmful chemical hazards. With the certain thickness and different materials, chemical Resistance is widely used in many industries, like Chemical handling, oil refining, food processing, household, maintenance, construction works, fishing, agriculture, greening industry, refuse collection.

Electrically insulated gloves
Working as an electrician requires you to deal with plenty of safety hazards. The whole job requires you to comply strictly with specific safety rules. Also, you should make sure that all equipment is grounded. For all the safety, you should wear the best electrical insulated gloves for electricians. Electrically insulated gloves are particularly suitable for power and communications inspection, Electrical contractors, hybrid automotive repairs or manufacturing, industrial plant maintenance, power generation, HVAC Technicians, elevator industries.


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