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PU Coated Working Gloves

Product name:
PU Coated Working Gloves
Polyurethane, abbreviated as PU. PU coated gloves are the gloves made of polyurethane-coated and polyester liner.

Working outside in the Summer with temperatures on the rise, the last thing you need is sweaty hands, not only is it unpleasant, you lose grip with your gloves. The answer is here with our high-quality gloves, 13G black polyester liner PU coated safety working gloves are made of nylon and coated with Polyurethane, which is with high levels of comfort and dexterity due to their tight-fitting materials. These PU coated working gloves provide limited puncture and cut protection and are generally used for assembly operations, precision engineering. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd 13G PU coated working gloves manufacturers and suppliers, wholesale black polyester knitted PU coated safety working gloves. Welcome to buy.

Feature of PU coated working gloves

1.13 Gauge black polyester liner black PU coated working gloves excellent tactile sensitivity, great grip, puncture, and abrasion resistance.
2. PU is a flexible, synthetic material with outstanding dexterity, sensitivity, grip & breath-ability. Besides it is ultra-light coating, it is also micro-porous & hence PU coating on the seamless liner can evaporate perspiration & eliminates any sort of discomfort for all-day working.
3. PU resin does not contain silicon, and after contact with other objects without leaving marks and sweat marks. PU coated gloves are widely used in the electronics industry and semiconductor industry.
4. Perfect for handing small components and carrying out precision work where dexterity required, etc.
5. Knit wrist helps prevents dirt and debris from entering the gloves.
6. Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd wholesale black polyester knitted PU coated safety working gloves, various colors and sizes are available.

Specifications of PU coated working gloves

Material: nylon, PU
Type: PU coated palm
Size: S, M, L, XL
Color of liner: black
Color of coating: black
Logo printing: silk-screen printing, heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/poly bag, 600 pairs/carton or customized
13G PU coated working gloves manufacturers and suppliers: Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd

Application of PU coated working gloves

13G black polyester liner PU coated safety working gloves are perfect for cleanroom, general assembly, semi-conductor, micro-mechanical tasks, inspecting precise parts, articles, delicate and precise operations, packaging, light engineering, electronics, gardening, general handling, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between PU coated gloves and nitrile coated gloves?
When you work in a wet environment where you need an enhanced good grip, you’re confused that there are so many kinds of different types of coated gloves, which type of coating is best?

A pair of nitrile coated gloves coating is great because it provides great grip levels when dealing with any sort of moisture and in those conditions, offering flexibility and comfort.

A pair of PU coated gloves coating will help you to maintain the necessary dexterity you need when performing small components tasks. And this type of coating offers a more “bare hand” grip because the coating has a tacky feeling which would be appropriate which works excellent for dry conditions but not well in too wet or oily conditions.

2. What does the gauge mean?
The gauge of the glove means the number of knitting needles or stitches per square inch. For example, 13 gauge glove has thirteen stitches knitted per inch of the glove, such as 13 gauge black polyester liner black PU coated working gloves. 15 gauge glove has fifteen stitches knitted per inch of the glove.

As for PU coated gloves, the common glove liner we use is 13 gauge seamless knitted polyester liner or nylon liner. It provides lightweight, dexterity, comfortable and breathable features. With these features, PU coated gloves are suitable for small parts assembly works and electronics industries.

3. Could I get a glove sample before placing an order?
Yes, of course. Samples are available and free. Could you pls afford the freight at the moment? Then the freight will be 100% deducted from your first order. Or pls kindly inform us your DHL, TNT or FedEx account for freight collect?

4. Types of PU coated gloves
There are several types of PU coated gloves. First, it’s usually produced as the polyester liner and PU coating, it’s usually used in gardening, light industries, electronics. Then it’s the anti-static gloves, usually made of carbon fiber and PU coating. It’s usually widely used in electronics, cleanroom and so on. Third, the PU coating is commonly coated on the surface of the HPPE knitted cut resistant gloves liner, enhancing the better grip for the cut resistant gloves.


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