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Reasons for different colors of nitrile gloves


With the development of rubber synthesis technology, nitrile gloves have gradually become one of the common hand protection tools in many industries. Among a variety of gloves, nitrile gloves are distinguished from common gloves such as latex gloves and polyvinyl chloride gloves. The obvious feature is that nitrile gloves have a very rich color, which can be selected or customized according to the needs of the place of use. Nitrile-coated safety protective gloves come in different colors, the most common of which is Black nitrile coated safety protective gloves.

Users who know nitrile gloves know that nitrile material is the raw material of nitrile gloves. It is formed by the polymerization of three monomers: butadiene, acrylonitrile, and carboxyl. The nitrile material will show a light yellow to tan color. The nitrile rubber material is very compatible and can be added in a variety of colors.

Reasons for different colors of nitrile gloves

Being able to have multiple colors is a big advantage of nitrile gloves, so natural nitrile is not common. In addition, the color of the gloves has a more important role in the application. For example, dark blue is a food-safe color, and dark blue nitrile gloves are more suitable for use in food than white or other colors, which is convenient for processing problems. It can quickly find glove fragments in food to ensure food safety. Good quality black nitrile coated safety protective gloves suitable for gardening, manufacturing, light industry, woodworking, and other industries. So why make nitrile gloves in different colors?

First, it is convenient for the factory to perform color management. Workers of different types of work and procedures use different colored gloves for operations, which facilitates the direct management of workers' functions and responsibilities to others. This is why glove manufacturers are willing to provide gloves of different colors to meet the market, in order to increase the competitiveness of nitrile gloves.

Second, set a warning color. Certain colors are of great help to production. For example, the prominent orange color is a warning color for labor protection, which is easy to distinguish from the surroundings to prevent accidents. Blue is a food-safe color, which can quickly find broken glove fragments in food.
In fact, the color diversity of nitrile gloves is to meet the needs of the market and solve or reduce the problems that can be foreseen in production.

Then some people will ask if colored nitrile gloves are poisonous?
Nitrile gloves are non-toxic. Nitrile material is a safe glove material. The reason why nitrile gloves show a very rich color is because pigments are added in the production. So some people have concerns about whether the pigments added to nitrile gloves are toxic and will have adverse effects on the human body. In general, there can be multiple pigments added to nitrile gloves. Regarding this concern, Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., the answer is: As long as the gloves are in compliance, the gloves are non-toxic, and the pigments are of course very safe.

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