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Red Smooth Latex Industrial Working Gloves

Product name:
Red Smooth Latex Industrial Working Gloves
Brief description:
Wearing the right working gloves cannot only protect your hands but also enhance your working experience. Some may say that it’s much more convenient to work with bare hands but you have to train yourself to wear working safety gloves as it truly makes a positive difference in your overall working experience.

If you expose you to a number of threats that might increase your risk of suffering from cuts and injuries, like sharp edges, glasses, metals, etc. The polycotton red smooth latex industrial working gloves features a natural polyester/cotton soft liner and red smooth latex palm coating, providing comfortable and flexible hands movements, and also a good grip in wet and dry conditions.

Feature of red smooth latex industrial working gloves

1. This 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves refers to a general-purpose pair of gloves capable of providing a high level of puncture and abrasion resistance. It also offers increased protection against slipping.

2. The coating used in this material actually differ. Some choices for the coating material are crinkle latex, smooth latex, foam latex, or some are nitrile, PU, PVC. The specific coating suitable for your assigned task needs to be figured out through the proper assessment of risk based on the preferred applications.

3. Value/price: The actual price of the work gloves should have a say on your buying decision. While you should not completely base your decision on the price, it should still affect it. This type of smooth latex coated gloves is cheap price with high quality. Now Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves for sale.

4. Comfort, flexibility, durability, and breath-ability: When you are wearing one pair of gloves, you want it not only protect your hands well but also your hands move freely. If the gloves feature with comfort, flexibility, durability, and breath-ability, we hold that that’s the right gloves you are looking for. This type of gloves is just having these features. It’s highly recommended to you.

5. Good grip: the latex coating provides great grip when you do your jobs in your work both in wet and dry conditions.

6. Fit: This type of gloves are various sizes and colors optional. We know that if you choose an improper size glove, if too small size, it might cut proper blood circulation while preventing them from becoming as flexible as you want; if too big size, your hands will be in a loose condition gloves, it will make you feel awkward when you try to pick up or handling the small components.

Specifications of red smooth latex industrial working gloves

Material: polycotton, smooth latex
Gauge: 10
Weight: 33-50g/pair
Size: 7"-10"
Custom logo printing: Yes
Color of Liner: natural white
Color of Coating: red
Logo printing: silk screen printing, washing labels or heat transfer
Packing: 12pairs/polybag, 600 pairs/woven bag or customized
Wholesale 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves: Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd
Capacity: 130,000-180,000 pairs/20GP according to different weight
About 300,000-400,000 pairs/40HQ according to different weight

Application of red smooth latex industrial working gloves

The polycotton red smooth latex industrial working gloves are widely used in Construction works, fuel oil delivery, castings, agriculture, engineering, assembly industry, automotive, manufacturing, packing, electronics, glass industry, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protective gloves tend to be less effective than other control measures but if avoiding contact is impracticable or is insufficient to protect employees, then safety work gloves may be needed. When selecting protective gloves, the choice should be based on the work, the wearer and the environment the workers work in. Instructions as followed:

1. Identify the working objects handled
It’s important that the objects being handled is known since the level of protection and the types of safety working gloves needed will depend on this. If you are handling with cuts, sharp edges, knives, it’s better to consider the cut resistant gloves. If you are doing works in oily environment, then pls consider the nitrile coated gloves, nitrile gloves, 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves, some type of latex coated gloves.

2. Identify all other hazards for hands
Identify any other hazards present. For examples, is there any cuts, punctures or high temperature or chemical products? There are chemical protective gloves that also provide protection against mechanical hazards marked EN388 and thermal hazards marked EN407.

3. Consider the type and duration of contact
Will gloves be worn for a short time, intermittently or for long periods? Comfort, breath-ability is more important for longer wear. Generally, thicker, robust gloves offer higher protection than thinner gloves but thinner gloves offer better dexterity.

4. Consider the end-user-size and comfort
Gloves should fit the wearer. So most factories can supply gloves with various size and colors. Following is the glove chart

Measure the circumference of your hand around the palm area with fingers together and hand relaxed. This measurement in inches is closet to your actual glove size. For example, 8” is equal to a size 8 glove. Sizes may vary between different manufacturers and styles. Except where mentioned, gloves are sized according to men’s hands. For easy size comparison, see chart below.

Size 6 7 8 9 10 11
Length/cm 22 23 24 25 26 27

Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd professional wholesale 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves, now 10G red smooth latex industrial working gloves for sale, Welcome everyone to come to order.


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