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Rubber Class 2 Dielectric Gloves

Product name:
Rubber Class 2 Dielectric Gloves
Brief description:
The level 2 rubber dielectric safety gloves are intended to be used exclusively for electrical purposes, as basic personal protective equipment for work under voltage up to 10KV.

These dielectric gloves provide effective individual protection for anyone who required to work on living voltages or perform operations on or in proximity to electric installations. The rubber dielectric gloves are five-finger gloves, anatomically shaped, manufactured of high-quality rubber on an automated line. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd wholesale cheap rubber class 2 dielectric gloves, welcome to buy.

The dielectric gloves are generally used in conjunction with a range of electrical safety equipment including insulating boots(dielectric) and insulating matting when working on or in front of switchgear. When using, Rubber class 2 dielectric gloves test voltage 20KV, to the extent possible to meet your needs to the fullest extent.

Specifications of rubber class 2 dielectric gloves

Test voltage: 20KV
Working Voltage: 10KV
Length: 410±15mm
Color: light orange
Sleeve type: straight cuff
Packing: 15 pair/carton

Application of rubber class 2 dielectric gloves

The straight cuff rubber class 2 dielectric gloves are designed exclusively for electricians working with live voltages up to working voltage 10KV or as an additional protective measure for live working at voltages exceeding 10KV. The class 2 dielectric gloves are widely used in electrical contractors, hybrid automotive repairs or manufacturing, industrial plant maintenance, power generation, HVAC Technicians, elevator industries, etc.

Remarks: Pls do the detection of electrical insulation performance every 6 months. Pls store it reasonably and keep it clean and dry, keep it away from oil, acid, base and other corrosive substances and keep away from sun and heat sources. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd Wholesale cheap rubber class 2 dielectric gloves, welcome users who need to come to buy.


Insulated glove are made for electrically charged work for insulating materials

Class Max working voltage AC (KV) Test voltage AC/DC(KV) Min withstand voltage AC/DC (KV) Max leakage current (mA)
0 0.38 5/10 10/20 ≤12
1 3 10/20 20/40 ≤16
2 10 20/30 30/60 ≤18
3 20 30/40 40/70 ≤20
4 35 40/60 50/90 ≤24

Hand Protection

Potential hazards to hands include skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical or thermal burns, electrical dangers, abrasions, cuts, punctures, fractures and so on. Protective equipment includes gloves and fingers guards. There are many types of gloves available to protect against various hazards. The nature of the hazards and the operation actually the working condition involved will affect the selection of gloves. So Level 2 rubber dielectric safety gloves are a good choice.

Following are the glove standards that are used for the certification of protective gloves:
EN420: Protective gloves - general requirements and test methods
EN388: Protective gloves against mechanical risks
EN374-1: Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms
EN374-5: Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms
EN407: Protective gloves against thermal risks
EN511: Protective gloves against cold
EN659: Protective gloves for firefighters
EN12477: Protective gloves for welders

Always wear your gloves

Always wear your gloves, a seemingly straightforward statement, and a necessity for electrical workers - with good reason. The electrical incident is common, and one slip could result in shock or electrocution.

The rubber class 2 dielectric gloves test voltage 20KV is designed to reduce or eliminate injury after an incident takes place, it’s the first line of defense, providing protection against shock and electrocution when contacting energized electrical parts and equipment.

Straight cuff rubber class 2 dielectric gloves are the first thing a worker relies on when energized work is necessary.
When we talk about the electrically insulated gloves, it’s often in reference to two separate yet necessary components: rubber insulating gloves and latex insulating gloves. Rubber and latex insulating gloves are designed to insulate workers from shock hazards. These are classified by the level of voltage and protection they provide.

Selecting the right gloves for your jobs.

There are many factors that go into selecting the right glove for your unique needs. From finding the right fit to choosing a glove that doesn’t get in the way of your work.

First, Choose the right size glove for your jobs. For rubber electrical insulated gloves, it’s one size fits all. For latex electrical insulated gloves, it has different sizes and colors available. If choose latex electrical insulated gloves, pls measure your hands by wrapping a flexible measuring tape all the way around your palm. Then you will get the right size of your hands and choose the proper size gloves.

Second, pls check the length of the gloves.
Last, according to your working conditions. They feature comfort is the key factor to consider. Many workers are opting to use curved gloves to provide them a more natural hand position while holding tools.


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