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Safe use of nitrile coated gloves


Development of nitrile coated gloves

The advantages of orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves are now recognized by the market. And the application range is very wide, such as food, chemical, machinery, auto repair, agriculture, etc.. Which can be said to be covered by the entire industry chain. The nitrile coated glove market has great potential. Gloves are a must-have hand protection product. Whether it is in the industrial field or in the medical field, or in the daily life of the family. According to data from the China Market Research and Research Center, the market for Safety orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves is in the late stage of growth. And the market has a clear expansion trend.

As a rising star in gloves, nitrile coated gloves have strong market potential. Throughout the domestic and international markets, the market size of nitrile-coated gloves continues to exceed expectations. The whole industry chain coverage plus government support, the outbreak of the nitrile coated glove market, the day is expected!
As an innovative product in rubber gloves, nitrile has various advantages, such as no odor is not sensitized. It contains polar nitrile groups, has good oil resistance, benzene resistance, hydrocarbon solvent resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance excellent wear resistance and so on.

Safe use of nitrile coated gloves

There are many types of gloves, which are protective products that must use in production and life. Among many types, hot sale orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves is a common type. It has a long history of use in China, and it belongs to a new type of product, which is different from latex gloves and PVC gloves. Therefore, it has been praised by users after listing. However, many users still have a question: Is the hot sale orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves safe to use? The following orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves manufacturer Ann Kang will answer for you.

The raw material of orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves is mainly synthetic rubber. This chemical is toxic, but after strict treatment in the production process, the toxicity has been completely eliminated. So the nitrile coated gloves are non-toxic and can use with confidence. Nitrile-coated gloves have strong chemical resistance, strong resistance to acids and bases, and good protection for some corrosive substances.

Compared with some traditional gloves, nitrile-coated gloves also have good physical properties. Tensile and compressive resistance, and are not easily damaged. For details, please refer to the professional introduction of Dingqing gloves. According to the reasonable size of the human hand, it is very comfortable to wear, and there will be no blood circulation during long-term use. In addition, nitrile-coated gloves do not contain protein, which effectively avoids allergies in some people and is suitable for public use.

The production process of safety orange with black zebra nitrile coated gloves is very strict and it is not toxic after being processed accurately, so it can be worn with confidence. Click to view the knowledge and standard introduction of clean gloves testing. Before and after use, all operators must understand the rules of use of the gloves, so that they can be properly worn to ensure their own safety.

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