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Safety precautions when using nitrile gloves


As a widely used industrial product, nitrile-coated industrial safety gloves have the advantages of no protein, high tear strength, good extensibility and permeability resistance, soft hand feeling, chemical resistance, etc. But not all nitrile gloves have these advantages, because A-grade nitrile gloves have these advantages. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., produce nylon shell black nitrile coating industrial safety gloves is an A grade. Although Ann Kang's nitrile gloves have many advantages, there are many points to pay attention to during use. So what are the safety precautions that nitrile gloves should pay attention to? Let's introduce it to everyone.

Safety precautions when using nitrile gloves

1. Nitrile-coated industrial safety gloves can effectively protect against organic solvents. Its main advantages are high tear resistance and high elongation. It is mainly provided to the workstations where the hands are constantly exposed to liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouses, alcohol cleaning, etc. Although the main function of the nitrile material is to prevent organic solvents, this type of material does not have a strong resistance to puncture. Therefore, it is necessary to be extra careful when using it. Do not pull strongly and wear them strongly. Therefore, it is required to operate while wearing nitrile gloves. When in addition, wear veil gloves on the outside to reduce the wear of the gloves and extend the service life.

2. Some users use nitrile gloves for some cleaning operations, because some products have sharp edges, and these sharp edges may damage the normal use of gloves. And even if it penetrates through even a small hole, it is enough to let the cleaning agent soak into the inside of the glove, making the entire glove useless. Therefore, in addition to requiring careful handling during use, you must also wear finger cots on gloves.

3. China cheap good quality black nitrile coated safety protective gloves do not have any resistance to some highly corrosive things. So when using it, you must look at the instructions and take a look at what areas it can be used in. Do not exceed its scope of application. Some things that are highly acidic and highly corrosive are completely unacceptable. Then we can only use gloves specifically for high corrosion.

4. Nitrile-coated safety protective gloves are generally thin and elastic, so pay special attention when you wear them. Be sure to wear them between your fingers, and then slowly pull up. Do not let your palms enter the gloves first. Gloves must be broken. If necessary, you can apply a little oil or a lubricant to reduce the resistance when wearing.

5. Nitrile gloves generally have a certain period of use. When using it, pay attention to check its use period. Do not use it without looking. For a certain period of time, this kind of gloves will have cracks or fibers will break. To any protection.