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Selection method of nitrile gloves


There are many nitrile work gloves on the market today, and among many nitrile gloves, fully dipped nitrile gloves are now commonly used gloves. The gloves are coated with nitrile, providing comprehensive protection for the user's hands. In addition, the gloves are warm, comfortable, durable and durable, so they are widely used. Then some users do not know how to choose the right gloves when choosing nitrile gloves. Let's summarize it for everyone.

Selection method of nitrile gloves

1. Choice of oil and solvent resistance
The selection of full dipped smooth finish nitrile gloves usually focuses on its oil and solvent resistance. So the effect of oil and solvent resistance is usually the most important choice. The oil resistance of nitrile gloves depends on the acrylonitrile content. The higher the acrylonitrile content, the stronger the oil resistance. When the acrylonitrile content is 35% to 40%, it exhibits excellent oil resistance.

2. No powder on the outside
There are many suppliers of nitrile gloves on the market, but many nitrile gloves are marked with "powder-free" on the packaging. In fact, during the operation of the enterprise, many nitrile gloves were found to be powder-free, but there was still powder, which would seriously affect the quality of the product.

3. Suitable for cleanroom
Generally, gloves suitable for Class 100 purification plants are nitrile. Nitrile gloves are widely used. Currently, there is no clear classification standard for gloves. The main difference is the number of particles, which is small. You can use the following methods to detect:
Take two gloves samples of different levels, cut into 1-2 cm square pieces, place them in a clean beaker, add about 100 ml of purified water, and stir with a glass rod. If necessary, shake 1-visual inspection after 2 hours, a large amount of impurities in pure water indicates that the paper is very special, and fewer impurities indicate a high content of the paper.

4. Quality inspection of nitrile gloves
Because full dipped smooth finish nitrile gloves come into direct contact with the product most of the time, its quality requirements are very strict. Must perform tests on the cleaned nitrile gloves before use. For nitriles used in production, gloves need to be tested before being used for regeneration and cleaning, and can only be used after passing the test. The test is mainly divided into four parts: visual inspection, physical test, ESD performance test, and chemical test.

5. Disposable nitrile gloves factory
View the production process, production strength, production qualification, etc. of the disposable nitrile gloves factory. When you need to order a large number of nitrile gloves, it is best to inspect some glove production factories first. Not every pair of nitrile gloves produced can be used as nitrile inspection gloves.

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