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Several common glove types


What kinds of ordinary gloves are on the market? Which type of gloves is better for you? There are generally two classification methods for gloves on the market. One is to classify according to the material and production process of the gloves. The other is divided according to the use of gloves. The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will introduce to you several common glove types.

Several common glove types

Dipped gloves

Dipped gloves are made of a different layer of rubber core coated with a layer of rubber. Its glove core can usually divide into two types. It is woven with knitted gloves. The materials are polyester, nylon, polyester-cotton recycled yarn, polyester-cotton, acrylic, HPPE, spandex, glass fiber, bamboo fiber Wait.

The surface coating of dipped gloves is usually made of natural rubber or synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is usually nitrile, PVC, PU, ​​etc. Dipped gloves have now become the mainstream labor protection gloves on the market and are the gloves with the highest sales volume on the market.

Knitted gloves

It is weaved by a glove machine and then hemmed the cuffs by a hemming machine. It can be divided into fifteen stitches, thirteen stitches, ten stitches, and seven stitches according to the density of gloves. Fifteen stitches and thirteen stitches are mainly thinner gloves, of which thirteen stitch polyester is more common.

Ten stitches are mainly some medium thickness gloves. Seven stitches are the thickest gloves among them. Knitted gloves on the market generally use specifications per gram weight and material to divide specifications. Generally, the gram weight they refer to is not the actual weight, which is generally dozens of grams lower than the actual weight.

Canvas gloves

Canvas gloves are cut and sewn from canvas, and generally have inner linings. Its functional characteristics are mainly dustproof and breathable. Compared with knitted gloves, it has many aspects: it can prevent the dust from entering the gloves through the crevices of the gloves during the wearing process to soil the hands. It provides more protection than knitted gloves; it is not easy to fluff.

Like knitted gloves, the canvas used in canvas gloves is mostly woven from recycled cotton yarn. If you take a closer look at the gloves, you will find that there is a lot of impurities on the canvas. Unlike the canvas we see on other high-end products, it is not pure white.