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Shipment of Cut Resistant Gloves


After about one month's production, the cut resistant gloves are finally finished. The glove liner is produced using HPPE yarn with fiberglass. It provides high-quality cut-resistant performance. If you want to have a better grip in wet and dry conditions, the certain coating is necessary.

We produce PU coated HPPE knitted cut resistant gloves for our customers. Color could be gray with gray, gray with black or customized.

Our customer requests heat transfer logo printing for the cut resistant gloves, the gloves look great.

Following is the shipment photo:

For the cut level of the gloves according to the SGS test report, it's level D tested by EN388: 2016 New Standard test method.

Working conditions of Cut Resistant Gloves

If your workplace is surrounded by items that make you at risk of dealing with cuts and punctures or high abrasions, like the metal industry, knives, sharp edges, glasses, it’s important for you to wear the cut resistant gloves. Once you wear the cut resistant gloves, it will lessen your risks of facing the most common workplace injuries like cuts and punctures.

Most of the workplaces will have potential hazards like sharp objects. If you don’t protect well, and get injuries, not only you hurt and feel bad, but also it can lead to about 30% loss of productivity and work time. Therefore, to protect workers’ safety is one of the most important things to do. With the gloves’ protection, you can work with a full heart and improve productivity because you are keeping your mind at peace you are aware that you are completely safe.