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Take Care Of Your Electrical Insulated Gloves


The use of insulated gloves protects the wearer's personal safety to a certain extent. When users use insulated gloves, in order to ensure the safe use of gloves, the gloves must be checked first. Ensure that gloves can operate safely and effectively in accordance with their specifications. In addition, gloves must be cleaned regularly and maintained for a certain amount of time. If gloves are damaged, replace them promptly.

If gloves are found to be wet, dirty, or have small holes or abrasions before use, electrically insulated gloves will not provide hand protection against electric shock. Not recommended at this time.

Methods of taking care of your electrical insulating gloves

Keep the gloves clean

The user or cleaner or the owner keeps their pairs of rubber electrical insulated gloves the less risk of electric shock. Chemicals, oils, and other petroleum-based products can cause the rubber to weaken and break down. So pls wash them off with tap water clearly if the surface of the glove is with such related materials.

Check every embedded material

Because of the electrical insulating gloves' softness and thickness, it may be embedded with small, sharp particles of foreign material, such as copper cable particles when the staff wear gloves for works.
Even if these tiny particles may not be so obvious or get inside the glove, don't take it lightly. It is possible that these small particles can enter the glove through the hole of the glove or create small holes or weak points on the glove, and therefore still have a great impact on the safety of the user. If you find any small holes or weak points, or any particles embedded in the gloves, check and test carefully before use.

Air test before every wear

Electrically insulated gloves should be tested every twice a year, it means it should be tested every 6 months to make sure that the electrically insulated gloves are still able to protect against low, medium or high voltages. Follow the exam date on the gloves closely.

Store the electrical insulated gloves properly

Store them carefully when they are not in use, keep them from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place. Because heat, UV rays and pressure from other objects can all cause damage to gloves. Before putting them away, ensure that the gloves are clean and dry.