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The point of select latex coated protective gloves


The point of select latex coated protective gloves

Now gloves are an essential daily or production item in people's daily life, and among many gloves, polycotton liner crinkle latex coated protective gloves are more common. And because there are different sizes of latex coated gloves on the market, how should users choose? The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt will give users a brief introduction to the key points of choosing latex coated gloves.

1. Rubber softness: Polycotton knitted black latex coated palm industrial working glove glue is made of common wrinkle latex. The good quality glue has good elasticity and tension, and it is very soft. Some of the hard rubber is because the light calcium is increased, the rubber is stiff and uncomfortable, and the serious rubber is easy to break.
2. Rubber thickness: The thickness of the glove rubber should appropriate. If the glue is too much, the glove will be very stiff and affect work efficiency.
3. Gloves are lined with cotton: cotton has little harm to the human body, and some acrylic or polyester fabrics or yarns have allergic effects on the skin. Therefore, workers who use gloves for a long time should choose cotton with higher height lined gloves.

Things to be aware of when using gloves

Some people buy high performance polycotton liner crinkle latex coated protective gloves because some inadvertent factors make the gloves not used well. Then what problems should users pay attention to when using gloves?

1. Irritant allergic dermatitis. This type of situation is more common. Generally, it is mainly characterized by red, itchy, dry or chapped skin of the hand. The reason is to wash the hands repeatedly with soap and cleaning solution and then thoroughly wipe the ten. After wearing the hands, the inside is stuffy and irritating, causing irritation. Gloves will be triggered by talc stimulation in the rubber gloves.

In this case, the disposal method is: before washing the latex coated protective gloves, you must to wash the soap or cleaning solution. Wipe the water together or dry both hands before wearing gloves. If it is a dry glove, the internal talcum powder is not suitable for too much. This measure prevents the production of irritating dermatitis. If you have irritant dermatitis, do not scratch it. Use an anti-itching agent such as calamine lotion, and the symptoms can quickly resolve.

2. Allergic atopic dermatitis. It is characterized by an itchy arm 6 to 48 hours after touching the latex coated gloves, dry or chapped skin, often accompanied by erythema or leeches, usually without significant allergic symptoms. It can allergic to certain chemical components in latex gloves or chemicals attached to gloves, resulting in a delayed allergy symptom.

In this case, the treatment is: a different type of latex gloves can use in a sustainable manner to prevent more severe allergic symptoms, with little or no need. Once allergic atopic dermatitis occurs, it is necessary to take antihistamines orally and use dermatitis to rub the hands and the symptoms quickly dissipate.

3. Latex gloves allergy symptoms. Extremely rare. Generally, the skin is red and itchy within a few minutes to more than ten minutes of wearing gloves. The symptoms can be seen in the body, often accompanied by urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest palpitations, and palpitations. Severe conditions may result in poor breathing, tachycardia, and decreased blood pressure. If this happens, stop wearing gloves immediately and seek medical advice.