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Tips for buying nylon sandy nitrile work gloves


The material of spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves is composed of nylon and spandex lining. This kind of gloves is suitable for different users in different industries. Because of its wear-resistant and durable performance, it is now widely used by users. Although this is just a normal glove, we still need to know some instructions when using it. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt will introduce the use of safety work spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves.

Instructions for use of nitrile work gloves

1. This type of gloves does not distinguish between right and left hands, please wear the gloves that suit your hand specifications;
2. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories. Pay attention to trimming your nails to avoid scratching the gloves;
3. This product is limited to one-time use. After using the product, please treat it as medical waste to prevent germs from polluting the environment;
4. It is strictly forbidden to directly irradiate strong light such as sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

Tips for buying nitrile work gloves

1. Appearance
Good quality and best cheap spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves generally the surface has no stains, no black spots, no holes, no yellowing, and feels soft and comfortable to wear without causing hand allergies. In contrast, poor quality nitrile gloves often show stains or black spots, and yellowing occurs after sweating the hands, which can cause allergies to the hands and cause inconvenience to workers.

2. Microscopic aspect
Since gloves are in direct contact with the product most of the time, their quality requirements are very strict. Spandex nylon satin nitrile work gloves should meet the specific requirements of gloves in related industries, such as the tested gloves LPC, NVR, particle content, and resistivity must meet certain standards.

According to different industry standards, the cleanliness requirements of gloves are different. For example, in the magnetic head industry, for dust particles larger than or equal to 0.5um, the dust cannot exceed 3000 per square centimeter. In the computer hard disk industry, NVR <20ug / cm ^ 2. In the FTIR (Fourier Infrared Spectroscopy) test, gloves are not allowed to have silicone oil, amino compounds, DOP and other substances. For ESD performance testing, in the LCD and touch screen industries, the surface resistivity of gloves is required to be between 105-1011Ω. Therefore, the relevant parameters of the gloves should be tested before selecting insulated gloves.

3. Brand
There are many brands of Spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves. And with the improvement of domestic production technology, now the quality of nitrile gloves has also improved. Among them, Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt glove manufacturer is the best brand in the industry, and the quality of glove products is also the most worthy of consumer satisfaction.

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