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Tips for buying sandy nitrile coated safety working gloves


Sandy nitrile coated safety working gloves are now widely used in our daily production. Because the gloves are durable and wear-resistant, and the oil and water resistance is particularly good, many users will choose nitrile-coated safety gloves when purchasing gloves. However, there are many types of nitrile gloves on the market. How do users choose the right gloves? Below Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt to introduce to everyone.

Tips for buying nitrile coated safety gloves

1. Confirm the material of the outer layer of the glove. There are oil-resistant double dipped sandy nitrile coated work gloves on the market, as well as semi-immersion nitrile gloves. The material of the double-impregnated nitrile HPPE lining anti-cutting safety gloves is generally polyester fiber and sandy nitrile. Some people who are unfamiliar with the type of nitrile gloves are unclear about them, so make sure to know the material of the gloves you need at the time of purchase.

2. Look at the rubber surface and lining requirements of the glove. This requires the choice of rubber surface and lining according to the customer's use of nitrile gloves. For example, the role of cold-resistant gloves is to prevent low temperature. The inner lining can be flannel or composite cloth. The effect of non-slip gloves is slippery. The surface is granulated or the rubber surface is sand surface and the like.

3. The color, length, weight and other details of the glove. Some customers buy nitrile gloves in addition to the use of the glove, there are some other details of the glove, there is a preference for which color. The must reach the weight of the glove, the length of the glove needs to belong and so on.

Correct use of nitrile work gloves

So how do you use it properly after purchasing gloves?
1.13G nitrile fully dipping sandy nitrile finish work safety gloves can not use for work above 60 degrees, live working and corrosive work. It also can not use in underground work, mining, coal mining, tunnel construction, etc.
2. Do not use it if found gloves to be broken or broken before use. If it is used, the gloves are cut and ground and should replace the new gloves as much as possible.
3. Gloves containing less than 20% of cotton are not easy to use in the grasping hammer, electric drill, loading, and unloading operations.
4. When storing this product, it should keep in an environment of ventilation, dryness, fire prevention, anti-exposure, moisture-proof, anti-mouse, and insect-proof.

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