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Tips for choosing safety cut resistant gloves


There are many types of cut-resistant gloves on the market, but not all cut-resistant gloves are suitable for use in their own industries. So users should choose their own cut-resistant gloves when choosing. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd introduces the characteristics and selection skills of Level D HPPE working safety cut resistant gloves to everyone.

Characteristics of PU coated safety cut resistant glove

1. Super abrasion resistance and cutting resistance, HPPE material, seamless glove core has good comfort.

2. The high-quality PU coating increases the abrasion resistance, flexibility, and sensitivity of the gloves, and can be washed and reused at 40 ° C.

3. High-strength HPPE abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant liner with better grip and puncture resistance and tear resistance.

4. Level D HPPE knitted PU coated safety cut resistant glove meets European standard CE EN388 CUT level 5 anti-cutting standard.

5. Excellent wear resistance cut resistance, tear resistance, wear resistance is 5 times stronger than gloves.

6. Excellent dexterity and comfort, dry environment, anti-skid and light chemicals.

Tips for choosing safety cut resistant gloves

When choosing safety cut resistant gloves, we must first know what level of cut protection we need. What factors are considered? Is it feasible to directly choose the highest level of cut-resistant gloves? the answer is negative. Increasing the cutting protection level is not enough to solve the problem. Taking cutting injuries as an example, simply improving the resistance of the protective gloves to cut the symptoms does not cure the symptoms. We still have to find the root cause of cutting injuries.

The cause of cutting injuries is sharp objects, lack of grip, poor gloves, or fatigued workers? There are many other factors that can cause cutting injuries. We must fully assess the danger and choose the right gloves. Injuries are often the result of a poor choice or lack of understanding of the wearer's needs.

Level D HPPE working safety cut resistant gloves as a common personal protective article for special protective gloves, how to choose the appropriate cut-resistant gloves. Users need to consider elements such as cut-resistant yarns, tear-resistance and abrasion resistance of knitted fabrics. It also needs to consider the important factors of cutting protection such as the grip strength and agility of cut-resistant gloves. In short, the cut-resistant gloves that are suitable for your own use are very important, and you must pay attention when choosing them.