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Tips for wearing nitrile work gloves


Tips for wearing nitrile work gloves

Nowadays people use gloves when they are working or doing other work. The usual commonly used are spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves. Everyone is familiar with nitrile gloves, but what should be paid attention to when using nitrile gloves, many people will say that there is nothing to pay attention to, the gloves have been worn for so long. In fact, this is not the case. Some users are still wrong when they wear them. The following Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Lt will give users a brief introduction to the details of wearing nitrile work gloves and hope to help everyone.

First, check the quality of the safety work spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves: the purpose of wearing gloves is to protect the hands, so the quality of the gloves must intact. So before use, we need to check the gloves for small holes or broken abrasive areas. If any, try not to use them because the gloves have a very low protection effect on human hands.

Secondly, it is impossible to share a pair of gloves with them: sometimes, in order to save costs, some companies will let workers use gloves alternately. In fact, this is very unreasonable because gloves are very easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms. If mixed, it is easy to cross-infection.

Nitrile work gloves are a good protective tool used when people work. Because the use of nitrile gloves is very convenient, people use protective gloves very little, which is very unscientific. So, when using it, you need to pay attention to the way you use it.

Replacement of nitrile work gloves

Best cheap spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves after a long period of use, it is inevitable that damage will not occur. So you need to change gloves, but many users do not know when they need to replace the gloves and then continue to use, resulting in a bad influence on the opponent. In fact, after a while, they need to replace the gloves.

The replacement time of spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves is different depending on the industry used. For example, if the glove is weak, it should replace the glove immediately, otherwise, the opponent will cause damage. If the gloves are slightly dirty, for example, they can clean and use gloves after cleaning. The replacement time is selected according to the condition of the gloves. In order to protect our safety, we will replace them as soon as we find the wire.

In addition, there are several factors to consider when selecting a suitable material for the glove material when purchasing the glove. Special operations need to perform and must weigh. In some cases, especially when using fine, dexterous, delicate objects is crucial, and choosing an unsuitable glove may actually present more danger.

Precautions of cleaning nitrile work gloves

Nitrile work gloves will produce some stains after work or after work, then need to clean the nitrile gloves at this time. Here are some tips for cleaning gloves.
When cleaning spandex nylon sandy nitrile work gloves, we need to know that nylon will shrink. Newly bought gloves must soak in warm water at 40°C-50°C, dried, and dried to 90% dry. When soaking it, you can add some salt to it, which can prevent the nylon from fading and make the color last longer. There is also a sweat-absorbent glove that is not suitable for high-temperature washing because the protein in the sweat will solidify and adhere to the fiber to form a macula.

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