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Use and storage of latex insulated safety hand gloves


Now with the production needs of various industries, the use of insulating gloves is becoming more and more common. It can be said that latex insulated safety gloves have become an important daily life and production supplies. Many users think it is simple when wearing gloves, but for safer use, we need to know some precautions. Zhengzhou Ann Kang Trading Co., Ltd will take soft and durable latex class 0 insulating safety hand gloves as an example to introduce it to everyone.

The precautions for using insulated gloves

A. Check before use
1. Check for stickiness and air leakage.
2. Check whether it has passed the test and does not exceed the effective period.

B. How to use it correctly
1. Gloves are worn on the hands of the staff. The fingers and the finger holes of the gloves fit firmly.
2. Soft and durable latex class 0 insulating safety hand gloves should also pay attention when cleaning. Contaminated insulating gloves can be washed with soap and clean water not exceeding 60 ° C. Similar to tar, paint residues on the gloves should not be used until they are removed. When cleaning, special detergent for insulating rubber products should be used. Do not use banana water, gasoline, etc. for decontamination, otherwise, the insulation performance of insulating gloves will be damaged.
3. Gloves that are damp during use or wet after cleaning should be fully dried and stored with slippery lime.
4. It is not allowed to mix and transport insulating gloves and materials.
5. Do not mix insulating gloves with oils or corrosive substances.

Proper storage method of electrical protective insulated gloves

1. Insulated gloves should be classified and stored uniformly in a room with a dry ventilation temperature of -15 ° C to 35 ° C and relative humidity of 50% to 80%. When conditions permit, insulated gloves should be stored in insulated safety equipment cabinets.
2. High quality 10KV safety electrical protective insulated gloves should be kept away from heat sources and away from corrosive products such as acids, alkalis, and oils.
3. Avoid direct sunlight.
4. Insulated gloves should be placed on the stand when not in use. When placed horizontally, slippery lime should be applied to prevent sticking, and no items should be stacked on it.