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Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves

Product name:
Vibration Resistant Safety Gloves
Brief description:
Synthetic rubber vibration resistant safety gloves are not designed to be updated to the latest fashion trends in the world. In fact, these fantastic safety gloves have a lot of benefits for people that work with heavy vibrating tools like rivet guns, jackhammers, pneumatic tools. This vibration resistant safety gloves are designed and engineered to protect your hands and arms from different health hazards like the most popular hand and arm vibration syndrome. Workers who are frequently operating power tools and machines with high impact and vibration frequency are at risk to develop the hand and arm vibration syndrome.

Keep in mind that the hands are at risk of getting hurt quickly if you work with jackhammers, as well as power tools and heavy machinery that tend to generate an incredible amount of shaking action. Fortunately, the vibration-resistant safety gloves in our company with padded materials or without that can now offer stability for your hands. The types of durability synthetic rubber vibration resistant safety gloves are not only made to help in protecting the hands from vibration through heavy tools but also assist you in outdoor sports activities like cycling etc.

Feature of vibration resistant safety gloves

1. Ergonomic style: These gloves are famous for its ergonomic style capable of offering comfort and flexibility to its users.
2. Weather resistance: the gloves liner is made of cotton. It’s soft, comfortable and warm. It can protect your hands and arms from vibration and impact during warm and cold weathers.
Palm padded with a layer of vibration-dampening polymer which can dampen vibration. Full ability to fulfill what it promises as far as offering protection is concerned.
3. Durability: High-quality materials and construction. Sustainability is highly critical if you are working with heavy pneumatic vibrating tools.
Breathability: Using the cotton glove liner, uncoated back of the gloves makes it breathable.
4. Users friendly: The vibration resistant safety gloves are comfortable to wear and use. The glove liner material is soft and the gloves do not cause any hindrance in your work. These gloves can provide additional warmth to maintain the energy level of your hands during work.
5. Excellent grip: the 100% factory direct sales vibration resistant safety gloves assist you in great gripping the tools and the machines. The gloves are machine washable and some models come with padded spandex back, thus making the gloves very comfortable and easy to maintain in the long haul.

Specifications of vibration resistant safety gloves

Material: cotton, rubber foam
Size: 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
Color: black, or customized
Logo printing: heat transfer, silk screen printing, ink printing
Packing: 12 pairs/polybag, 120 pairs/carton
Cotton liner vibration resistant safety gloves in stock

Application of vibration resistant safety gloves

Synthetic rubber vibration resistant safety gloves are widely used in heavy-duty industry, construction, steel, metal industry, wharf constructions, machinery industry, transportation, wood carving, car repairs, drilling, mining, etc.

More About Vibration Resistant Gloves

1. How effective are vibration resistant gloves?
Durability synthetic rubber vibration resistant safety gloves are very effective when it comes to providing its wearers the most dependable hand protection. Note that chainsaws, angle grinders, and power drills are among those tools that might put your hands in danger by causing them to absorb vibrations and shocks when you are using them.

Having inadequate protection might subject your hands to the vibrations and shocks for a long time, triggering vibration white finger or HAVS. The major problem, if this happens, is that it can make your hands significantly less sensitive, which might negatively affect your performance and ability to do your task well.

It works effectively when it creates an anti-impact surface or layer to protect your hand.
2. Who is suitable for wearing vibration resistant gloves?
People who are at risk of dealing with HAVS (Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome) or any other working conditions and injuries caused by their constant exposure to vibration due to work or their regular activities need to wear this kind of protective gloves. Wear it and use it regularly, it will be very good for your health. These also include those who constantly need to use handheld tools as part of their jobs like holding jackhammers.

Among those who are at a higher risk of suffering from HAVS are those whose jobs involve the use of power tools often. These include those who are part of the mechanic, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry industries. Also, remember that just because a machine is not too loud nor too big, it can no longer cause HAVS.

Even compact tools, like grinders and power sanders, can also trigger the syndrome so it would be best to have some sort of protective through the protective glove each time you need to use them.

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