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The SGS appointed by customer to inspect the working gloves


Warmly welcome the third party SGS to inspect our working safety canvas gloves

Working safety canvas gloves is made of canvas material. It can be divided into single material canvas gloves and double canvas gloves. Single canvas gloves mean the gloves only have one layer canvas glove while double canvas gloves have two-layer materials one is canvas glove liner and another is inner liner. If you want to have more durable and anti-slip, it can be made by extra liner around the palms, it generally has 20 lines, 24 lines and so on.

Specifications of working safety canvas gloves

Material: canvas

Color: natural white

Type: can be worn in both hands, right and left

Customized: accepted

Packing: 10 pairs/polybag, 500 pairs/woven bag

The gloves provide exceptional comfort and reduce hand fatigue.

Offering good puncture and abrasion resistance.

Easy movement and continuous wear


Applications of working safety canvas gloves

Industry, agricultural, constructions, forestry, ports, mining, gardening, etc. We are producing working safety canvas gloves for one of our customers. After the gloves are ready, we warmly welcome SGS to inspect our gloves from the quality, quantity and our factory. For more details of the safety working canvas gloves, pls feel free to contact us at any time. We are always here for you.